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Success is to be grateful for who you are right now with Maya Zlatanova from FindMeCure

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Maya Zlatanova became an entrepreneur driven by her mission to help people and create something meaningful. She was searching for a way to help her sister who was diagnosed with a medical condition that didn’t have any traditional treatment. That’s how Maya Zlatanova came with the idea for a platform which helps patients look for an alternative treatment. 

She founded FindMeCure to bring research closer to patients by developing tools and providing analytics to the healthcare industry. “The biggest bottleneck for healthcare is data, the connection between patients and the companies is broken”, Maya Zlatanova explains. That is why she and her co-founders decided to build the Google for clinical trials as they call it. 

In this episode of The Recursive podcast she shares the whole story behind the birth of the company which involves a ski trip, a bet and a pitch in a global competition. 

In a candid conversation with Georgi Nenov, Maya Zlatanova talks what she deems as failure and success. “It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about moving on”, she believes. 

In this episode you’ll also find out how Maya and her co-founders (one of whom is her life partner) managed to balance raising their babies and growing their business at once. She shares what she has learned about managing people from parenting.

A high achiever and solution-oriented person, Maya Zlatanova shares her experience from Tech Starts accelerator and gives tips and trips on how to pick an accelerator program that is fit for your goals.  

She also point out how much she values diversity in her team in terms of skills, emotions, and characters.  

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