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Software company Amdaris makes Bulgaria its new tech hub, aiming to educate the next generation of IT talent in the country

UK-based software company Amdaris has announced that it is making Bulgaria its next tech hub, expanding its already vibrant presence in Eastern Europe.
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UK-based software company Amdaris has announced that it is making Bulgaria its next tech hub, expanding its already vibrant presence in Eastern Europe.

Founded in 2009 in Bristol, Amdaris is led by co-CEOs Vlad Nanu and Andy Rogers and has four delivery centers in Eastern Europe so far – in Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, and Bulgaria now also becoming a part of its global presence. Nanu and Rogers took over Amdaris in 2016 and have managed to more than double its headcount, which now stands at 380 employees. 

The British company delivers software development, product design, application support, as well as consultancy services to a different plethora of sectors that want to reduce risks and maximize impact. Amdaris also aims to provide solutions to each unique requirement that a client has. 

Raising over €7M so far, the company’s clients are both startups and corporations that are growing in markets including finance, legal, HR, real estate, energy, technology, travel, and the logistics sector. 

Amdaris’ solutions range from collaborative analytics and user-centric certification platforms, and to digital tools, SaaS products, and custom-made CRMs. 

New opportunities for Bulgaria’s growing tech talent pool

While Sofia is seen as one of the emerging IT hubs of Eastern Europe, the new Amdaris center in the Bulgarian capital will create new job opportunities for the growing pool of tech talent in the country. The company is currently looking for 50+ IT professionals looking to develop their technical skills.

With software development being Bulgaria’s fastest-growing industry, Amdaris will also provide various mentorships and internship programs for the growing tech talent pool in the country.  

According to Andy Rogers, co-CEO of Amdaris, the company is thrilled and excited to open its new office in Sofia, which will be its sixth global office. 

“The software development industry in the region has continued to grow during the pandemic, but now with the region facing new challenges Amdaris is looking forward to building a creative, driven, and dynamic workplace for all talented technology specialists,” Rogers says.

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Additionally, Amdaris is also offering secure employment for any software developer, QA, project manager, or anyone else that has other relevant tech skills, who has been forced to leave Ukraine amid the current crisis.  

“It’s our pledge to support those who have been displaced to have employment security for as long as required, with no employment obligations, growing one of the best tech centers in the world,” Rogers adds.

The offices in Sofia will be run by Vesela Nikolova, appointed as the Bulgarian Center Director of Amdaris. 

Nikolova has previously co-founded an e-commerce startup and 180 Degrees Consulting Sofia, a Sofia-based NGO, as well as spearheading business development and finance for

“I am looking forward to building a pioneering office in Sofia and working together with the other five Amdaris offices to make a difference in not just the software development space but in the world around us as well,” Nikolova emphasized.

She adds that the company is looking to grow fast.

“We are committed to the well-being and health of our employees but also work hard to go one step further,” Nikolova concluded.

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