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Salaries for ESG jobs are soaring as skills don’t match demand

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It is a great time to look for ESG jobs. Sustainability professionals job opportunities have increased in the past few years, nudged by the search for a better environmental and social impact and stewardship. Two of the most prominent sustainability roles and departments focus on ESG investing and sustainability reporting. 

With demand for ESG and sustainability talent growing faster than skills available in the marketplace, salaries in this niche are increasing. Vlad Andriescu, Editor in Chief at and its sustainability-centered spinoff,, shares more about the latest ESG jobs trends in the market in a recent article. The Recursive shares an excerpt below:

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ESG experts are in high demand and the market is seeing salaries soar as companies fight for the best people for the job. So one of the challenges for 2022 will be to find the right experts in the field.

“In the past, it wasn’t seen as something that was worth paying for. But now those that have been doing ESG in some capacity for the last 10 to 15 years and never moved, have realised they are probably worth double in the market what they used to be,” says Tom Strelczak, founder of independent search firm TWS.

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