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Kelvin Health, Oncochain and Synovius are the SEE startups that join the HealthCare Lab Accelerator

HealthCare Lab Accelerator
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The HealthCare Lab accelerator, powered by international pharmaceutical and biotechnology company Roche and EIT Health, has chosen 9 MedTech startups that will join the 3-month program to improve the healthcare system. The second cohort focuses on medical data management and health solutions for early detection.

The participants of this edition are:

  1. From Bulgaria – Kelvin Health, an AI analytics tool for early screening based on mobile digital thermal imaging;
  2. From Romania – Oncochain, a SaaS analytics tool collecting oncology data, and Synovius, which offers a gadget that can assist patients with joint issues;
  3. From Poland – Upmedic, a management software for radiologists, and Calmsie, an AI solution that can offer mental health support; 
  4. From Turkey – ELM Genomic, an analytics startup developing genomics products for early screening, Vagustim Bioelectronics, a device for non-invasive bilateral auricular vagus nerve stimulation, and PONS, an AI ultrasound technology accessible on mobile devices;
  5. From Lithuania – BrachyDOSE which offers a tool that can prevent radiotherapy errors.

Over the following months, they will define their solutions with the help of over 30 international mentors, coaches, and investors. 

“All selected startups share the project’s vision to increase the availability and quality of patient care through digital innovation,” Peter Kolesar, partner at Civitta, the advisory company running the program, shared in the official press release

MedTech startups from SEE

Discover below the three MedTech startups from SEE presented by the year they were launched. They have been chosen from over 200 applications. 

Oncochain is a Timisoara-based MedTech startup co-founded in 2019 by Roxana Margan, who is also the CEO, and Madalin Margan. The Romanian-founded SaaS analytics tool enables the collaborative collection of real-world data in the oncology sector. 

Roxana shared with us that their goal for this year is to scale the solution in Bulgaria, Poland, Serbia, as well as Africa and America. 

“I think it is an excellent opportunity for our company to expand our partner network and test our solution in other countries from Eastern Europe. It is extremely important to understand exactly the needs of big pharma companies, like Roche, and be able to deliver actionable data from disparate sources to a broader set of stakeholders,” Roxana concludes.

Synovius is the second tech startup from Romania, this time from Iasi. The 2019 B2B startup was founded by a team of students led by Neculai Mindru. The team proposes a portable device that can assist patients recovering from joint (e.g. elbow, knee, ankle) injuries. Everything is controlled by a mobile app.

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Kelvin Health is a 2020 startup co-founded in Sofia, Bulgaria, by Chris Georgiev, Georgi Kostadinov, Pavel Andreev, and Georgi Kadrev, who is also the CEO. They propose an AI solution that can detect and monitor health issues based on mobile thermal imaging. 

The team targets infectious diseases like COVID, as well as respiratory, vascular, and oncology medical issues. The monitoring of abnormalities and inflammation processes can also aid Peripheral artery disease (PAD), Critical limb ischemia (CLI), and breast cancer patients. 

Georgi Kadrev shared with us in a previous interview that they are focusing on gathering data for testing and validation before targeting US fundraising. 

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