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How Acronis, a Leader in Cybersecurity, Addresses Global Challenges and Fosters a Culture of Giving Bacк

How Acronis, a Leader in Cybersecurity, Addresses Global Challenges and Fosters a Culture of Giving Bacк,
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With over 20 years on the market and 2000 employees across the globe, Acronis is undoubtedly a pioneer in the cybersecurity field thanks to their approach to cyber protection. The company not only provides cyber protection and data recovery products but also offers workload migration and blockchain technology to ensure full-stack protection in any environment. But don’t think only of cloud or on-premises environments! Acronis goes a step further and focuses on protecting one of the most crucial environments: the social one.


Acronis Bulgaria, in particular – one of the fastest expanding, yet closely knit branches of the Acronis family – is devoted not only to empowering businesses but young students, disadvantaged professionals, and its own employees; in other words, the pillars of the businesses of the future. 


With their bold approach to improving data protection solutions, curiosity to explore novel partnerships, and drive to grow professionally and personally, Acronis Bulgaria claims to be able to see the world through children’s eyes: a place full of possibilities to address global challenges and give back. 


How Acronis Bulgaria is becoming the top branch globally


This year is special for Acronis Bulgaria. Not only that 2023 marks Acronis’ two decades of powerful leadership in the cybersecurity sector, but Acronis Bulgaria has many other reasons to celebrate. 


Having started as a small team in 2018, after the acquisition of the Bulgarian software company T-soft, now the Bulgarian office is the biggest office and R&D center out of the company’s 34+ locations globally.


From a small team of 20 people, Acronis Bulgaria has grown to about 600 specialists, engineers, risk analysts, and experts, united by its mission to ensure data protection for clients and reduce hardware or software risks or sophisticated ransomware attacks. In fact, Acronis has over 1M prevented attacks in its portfolio of services. 

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How Acronis Bulgaria secures not only data protection but a collaborative working environment where employees thrive


The mission to empower clients and ensure 100% cyber protection unites Acronis Bulgaria, and Plamen Toshev, Managing Director at Acronis Bulgaria, has goals to expand the team further. With interesting R&D projects in the making, Acronis Bulgaria keeps welcoming specialists from C-level executives to interns that need a flying start to their careers. 


One of the main facilitators of this growth is the collaborative culture the company promotes. As talent has no borders, further pushed by the need to stay safe during the pandemic, Acronis Bulgaria keeps building a diverse team without enforcing obligations to work onsite. 


To promote an environment of innovation and productivity, communication on all levels remains completely open so that employees can easily discuss with management and share ideas, Plamen Toshev says. 


Employees are also encouraged to grow professionally and personally by having access to numerous training sessions, courses, certifications, and volunteering. 


That, paired with some excellent perks, including social benefits, additional vacation days, bonuses, and team-building activities, keeps attracting people to join Acronis Bulgaria. 


Acronis Academy and Foundation: On the importance of learning and giving back


Acronis is not only a leader in cybersecurity and a top employer but a company with a cause – a cause to increase the level of knowledge and education globally. Because as Plamen reminds us: “All evils are due to lack of knowledge” (David Deutsch) and only if we improve and help others improve, we can make the world a better place!


Is that possible? With the transparent strategy Acronis has, it is, indeed!


1. Employee growth

As stated earlier, Acronis Bulgaria is committed to helping employees access training sessions and collaborate with global teams so they can grow both professionally and personally. Acronis Bulgaria encourages employees to take time to learn new skills or complete a certification of their choice.

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2. Customer training

Also, Acronis Bulgaria tirelessly helps clients and partners leverage their knowledge about data protection, as well as the products and services offered by Acronis. For example, Acronis Academy is one of the initiatives that can help clients boost the technical and business expertise they need to succeed. 


3. Research and development

Talking about partners, we should emphasize that Acronis Bulgaria partners with numerous educational institutions across the globe, working on patents to establish itself as a reputable R&D leader in the field and generating scientific value. 


4. Access to education

That’s not all! As Plamen Toshev explains, Acronis is dedicated to giving back to those without access to education. Acronis Cyber Foundation Program supports communities and builds infrastructure in places such as Asia, Africa, and South America to give people equal access to the basic right to education. Moreover, Acronis also encourages its employees to contribute with volunteer work towards the causes they feel passionate about. 


 Why join Acronis Bulgaria


From excellent products and services to social causes to employee programs and numerous awards, including for a top dynamic software company and a sustainable business, there are many reasons why Acronis Bulgaria is one of the leading employers locally and internationally; an employer that is here to make the world a better place.


But to do that successfully, Acronis knows where to start. From the most important place, of course: its own structure, promoting employee growth and satisfaction. 


So are you ready to become a member of the Acronis family?


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