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Honoring Health Tech Innovators in CEE: Cast Your Vote

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The rapid advancement of technology has ushered in a new era of possibilities, particularly in the field of healthcare. Health tech, an emerging industry at the intersection of healthcare and technology, is transforming the way we approach and deliver medical services. 

From wearable devices that monitor vital signs to telemedicine platforms connecting patients with doctors remotely, the impact of health tech is undeniable.

The Recursive is excited to continue the monthly series of community awards  with the “Most Inspiring Health Tech Entrepreneur in CEE” category. With this award, we aim to recognize the outstanding contributions of health tech entrepreneurs and visionary leaders who have revolutionized healthcare through innovative technology. 

The rules stay the same: help us offer the award by voting for your most inspiring health tech entrepreneur. Have a look at our selection below and cast your vote in the form, or suggest an addition to the list by May 16th at the latest.  The candidate with the highest number of votes by May 26th wins.

If you have missed our previous community awards, check them out below:

Jiri Dibik 

Dibik is an entrepreneur and innovator with a decade of experience and many projects in the industry. His latest project VOS is a mental health app that improves the users’ mental wellbeing and overall happiness.

Slavomir Hruska  

Hruska is a seasoned entrepreneur, investor and a growth hacker. He is the founder of Scase – a diagnostic solution that consists of a portable, point-of-care, medical device combining smart sensors with a digital patient database.

Maya Zlatanova 

Zlatanova is a digital health entrepreneur and a clinical research expert, driven by the need to help people find alternative treatments. She is the founder of FindMeCure, a clinical trial search engine used on a daily basis by people searching for clinical trials.

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Matej Misar 

Misar is the founder of Carebot, an AI that alerts doctors to possible findings on a chest X-ray with up to 99 percent sensitivity. He aims to revolutionze the Czech healthcare system and propel it towards a future focused on preventive measures.

Daniel Kvak 

Kvak is the second co-founder of Carebot, and on a personal goal to make clinically validated outcomes accessible to everyone without distinction and accelerate the development and deployment of innovative early-stage biotech and health science solutions.

Tihana Petricevic

Petricevic is a Croatian entrepreneur with a broad experience in the business and healthcare industry. Currently she is the founder and CEO of Silver technologies, a software platform and wearable device for telemonitoring elderly patients. 

Georgi Kadrev 

Kadrev is a Bulgarian software engineer, entrepreneur, and an associate professor at Sofia University where he teaches Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He is the founder of Kelvin Health, а Bulgarian startup working on a clinical decision support tool that applies AI to detect anomalies related to vascular conditions and some inflammatory and oncology diseases.

Valentina Milanova 

Milanova is the founder and CPO of Daye, a gynae health startup on a mission to bridge the gender gap in product innovation. Milanova also has a role as a mentor for early-stage entrepreneurs, and as an advisor for social and environmental impact startups.

Diana Mereu 

Mereu has an extensive expertise in the healthcare and life sciences industry. She advises startups and consults scaleups in the health tech industry and helps them navigate through the complexity of the global health ecosystem. Recently, she founded HealthFluencer, the global AI-powered #healthfluencer company for self & personal care brands.     

Luka Ivicevic 

Luka Ivicevic is a Croatian entrepreneur and the founder of Index Health, an advanced medical company that uses big data, personalization, and specialized medical staff to treat disease and create longevity. 

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Ivan Gligorijevic 

Gligorijević is the CEO co-founder of mBrainTrain, a company focused on creating wearable devices that measure brain activity by electroencephalography, EEG, which is a test that measures electrical activity in the brain using small, metal discs attached to the scalp.

Nikola Krstic 

Nikola Krstić is a young Serbian entrepreneur and a CEO of the software company Anoris Technology. His company develops a smart glove designed to help people with impaired vision and also enables blind people to have a better quality of life.

Michalis Papadakis

Michalis Papadakis is founder and CEO of Brainomix, an award-winning University of Oxford AI medical imaging spin-out.

Maria Chatzou Dunford 

Dunford is a biotech innovator and an expert in bioinformatics, medical informatics and high performance computing (HPC). She is the founder of Lifebit, a federated platform that unifies biomedical data and uses its potential in precision medicine research. Michalis Papadakis is founder and CEO of Brainomix, an award-winning University of Oxford AI medical imaging spin-out.

Nikolay Dimolarov 

Dimolarov is the co-founder and CTO of Kranus Health, a company that has developed a prescription digital therapeutic provisionally approved by the German medicines regulator to help men tackle erectile dysfunction through a combination of physical and mental therapy exercises. 

Ion Mocanu

Ion Mocanu is a seasoned senior technology/product Owner and an experienced Research and Development Manager with over 18 years of proven expertise in leading multidisciplinary systems development and managing innovation projects. His hands-on experience spans a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, including sensors, wearables, devices, data science, optical systems, video sensors, and thermal sensors among others.

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