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Greek AI platform Bryq with $4M, uses science to remove bias from hiring screening

Greek talent intelligence company provides a unique approach to modern challenges for companies when it comes to the hiring process.
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• Greek AI-enabled hiring platform Bryq raised $4M in a pre-Series A round, with No Such Ventures as a lead investor, together with existing investor Big Pi Ventures

• The assessment platform was designed in 2017 to remove bias and complexity out of the hiring screening

• In 2021 Bryq managed to increase its revenue by more than 500%.

Based on a combination of validated psychometric science and objective performance data, Bryq’s solution helps companies gain a competitive advantage in hiring, growing, and retaining talent.

According to Bryq’s CEO Markellos Diorinos, the company will use the funding to continue investing in talent intelligence innovation, especially in the area of combining psychometrics with performance data and AI. In turn, this will generate solutions in hiring, internal mobility, career development and employee retention, he added.

“Talent is still the key ingredient for a company’s success, while hiring, growing, and retaining talent remains a challenge for all. to Our customers – companies like EY, Teleperformance, Viva Wallet, Deliveroo and SaltPay – have one thing in common: they understand the value of their current and future employees and they fully invest in them. Bryq enables them to shift the way they look at talent and achieve impressive results in increased performance and retention of their talent,” Diorinos said.

According to Reinder Lubbers from No Such Ventures, the Greek talent intelligence company provides a unique approach to modern challenges for companies when it comes to the hiring process.

“The way we work has evolved much faster than anticipated in the past two years due to the global COVID pandemic and the shift towards remote work. This has resulted in phenomena like the Great Resignation and a new wave of unrest spreading throughout the talent markets. In this shifting landscape, companies are struggling to succeed with their current legacy tools,” Lubbers, partner at No Such Ventures said.

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Bryq stands out by providing a unique solution to today’s challenges, translating to tangible benefits for companies,” he concluded.


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