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Bansko to further grow as a digital nomad destination with Nomad Excel’s Entrepreneurship Bootcamp this May

Bansko to further grow as a digital nomad destination with Nomad Excel’s Entrepreneurship Bootcamp this May,
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Nomad Excel is a platform that hosts month-long entrepreneurship bootcamps specifically designed for digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and remote professionals. The primary goal of these events is to create a supportive business environment, facilitating a space where remote professionals can converge to collaboratively refine and develop their business ventures.

As part of these bootcamps, participants get to explore the locations, to connect with like-minded peers and to improve their knowledge through bespoke learning resources. 

The upcoming Nomad Excel Entrepreneurship Bootcamp takes place in Bansko, Bulgaria, spanning the entire month of May 2024. Applications are still open until March 15th, and you can apply here to this 4-week program that offers a methodology designed to help entrepreneurs develop an MVP through a guided curriculum. 

Bansko was chosen for this event’s location for its unique blend of cultural charm, its natural beauty and its distinctive atmosphere.

The admission price is €4600, and the program covers the journey to the MVP development process through a 4-step process: selection & ideation, skill development & mentorship, immersive environment, and business readiness.  

The program package includes accommodation in a private room for the entire duration of the bootcamp, active participation in the program, access to a coworking space and multiple community activities that will take place throughout the month. 

We asked the program developers to walk us through the program planning process: 

‘After several years of closely working with the Digital Nomad community and attentively listening to their feedback and requests, we realized that many nomads share a passion for innovation, exploration, and independence—be it in terms of location, finance, or profession. These individuals aspire to lead lives on their terms, creating, traveling, and experiencing the world. In response, we’ve decided to harness this raw potential and passion, directing it towards the development of successful location independent business ventures. Nomad Excel serves as the initial stride in your journey toward business success. This comprehensive program, guiding the business creation process, takes you from understanding your skills and passion to leadership, branding, product development, go-to-market strategies, and, ultimately, the potential launch of a new business.’

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Furthermore, they shared with us their goals and expectations for the upcoming Bansko bootcamp:

Our goal is to provide a structured and immersive business nurturing environment that accelerates the learning curve, helping participants navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship with efficiency. We hope the networking opportunities within the bootcamp environment foster connections with like-minded individuals, mentors, and industry experts, creating a supportive ecosystem that can be instrumental in the entrepreneurial journey. Essentially Joining the entrepreneurship bootcamp should be seen as an investment in your professional education, providing a solid foundation and increasing your likelihood of building a successful location independent business.

The Nomad Excel bootcamp in Bansko is a unique experience that will offer a great exposure to the innovation potential of the SEE region. Nomad Excel is scheduled to organize bootcamps in Bansko, Koh Mak and Palma de Mallorca in 2024. 


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