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Future Present 2021 will bring together the creators of spacetech of tomorrow

Future Present
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With private companies already collaborating actively with government organizations towards establishing the first private space stations, the topic of space colonization has become one of the most discussed in modern society. Scientists and engineers are already developing the first infrastructural plans of Mars colonies. But how does science intersect with entrepreneurship to form the big picture behind large-scale space exploration?

Future Present, an event organized by the science communication platform Ratio, with the support of the European Space Agency (ESA), aims to bring clarity into how space commercialization is going to take place in the near future. By bringing together scientists, startup founders, and business experts, the event will answer the most pressing questions regarding the international progress humanity has made towards space exploration. It will also showcase the spacetech ecosystem in Bulgaria and highlight the ways Bulgarian entrepreneurs utilize science to change the future.

The full-day conference is happening on October 10, 2021, at Sofia Tech Park, and will be broadcasted online.

The sky’s the limit

Future Present will feature three topics related to the colonization and commercialization of space. “The future of private astronauts”, the first themed module, will be presented by Simon Jenner, Recruiter of Private Astronauts at Axiom Space, one of the private players that are racing towards the launch of the first private station. Jenner, a graduate of the International Space University, will be mapping the key responsibilities of private astronauts while diving into the specifics of the preparation of astronauts for space missions and sharing insights about the future of private spaceflights. 

Marc Heemskerk, who is exogeologist at the public research university VU Amsterdam and a project coordinator within EuroMoonMars, will talk about the settlement of humanity on other planets and present the results of his research on Martian and Lunar lava tubes that may hold the potential of becoming shelters to the first settlers on the Moon and Mars. 

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During the third session at the event, “Space protection in the future”, audiences will meet with Halit Mirahmetoğlu, General Manager at one of the biggest aerospace museums in the world – Gokmen Space and Aviation Training Center – and spacetech consultant for the European Commission. During his presentation, Mirahmetoğlu will discuss space law and security, drawing on the sensitive aspects of protecting the space assets of various countries from foreign intervention.

In two specially designated discussion panels, Future Present will also explore the framework surrounding the establishment of a successful spacetech startup, including the most efficient strategies for funding, building the right startup team, and putting scientific ideas into practice. 

On a conquest for bridging the gap between science and entrepreneurship

Apart from enlightening broader audiences about the progress made towards space commercialization, Future Present also strives to demonstrate how the interaction between scientists and entrepreneurs results in a progressive leap forward for the technological community. That is why the organizers of Future Present have designated a special Startup Showcase stage, where Bulgarian startup companies from a range of scientific fields will showcase how science and business expertise result in real and innovative solutions.

Among the participating Bulgarian companies are urban aeronautics startup Assen Aero, healthtech startup Kelvin Health that is developing a breast cancer-detecting AI-based solution, Pollenity, which has created a digital end-to-end solution for beginner beekeepers, and MYX Robotics, an AI and data analytics startup that specializes in the development and the market commercialization of digital twins.

The Recursive is organizing a giveaway of tickets for the Future Present conference on a first-come, first-served principle.* To participate, please send an email to [email protected]

*Please, note that guests at the event will be expected to present a valid document that states they are vaccinated against or have successfully recovered from COVID-19. They can also present a negative PCR test that was done up to 72 hours before entering the venue or a negative antigen test that was done up to 48 hours before entering the venue.


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