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Former Cisco Engineers Aim to Challenge The Status Quo In Cloud Services With Fresh Funding of $3.2M

Portrait picture of Nodeshift founders, Andrey Surkov and Mihai Mărcuță
Image credit: Andrey Surkov and Mihai Mărcuță (left to right), NodeShift founders

In a nutshell:

  • NodeShift, a cloud service provider, with founders from CEE, announced that it raised $3.2M seed funding to launch its decentralized cloud services platform.
  • The round was led by Polish-based, an early-stage investment fund focused on CEE startups, along with Notion Capital, 10X Founders,  and Kestrel0x1. 
  • The goal is to enable NodeShift to make its self-serve cloud platform available to fast-growing businesses everywhere.


The Solution:

NodeShift is a cloud platform that aggregates all of the existing decentralized solutions. The company aims to offer a cost-effective way for businesses to manage their cloud infrastructure needs. The platform is focusing on providing more optimized deployment times and enhanced reliability. 


What’s next on their agenda:

NodeShift will utilize the new funding to onboard startups, SMB customers. Since the launch of its Beta version, the platform has been tested by over 5K concurrent developers from larger enterprises and startups, company representatives report

The startup is part of the Intel Ignite program, which will provide resources to NodeShift such as access to dedicated data centers with Intel’s hardware, Trust Domain Extensions, which launched in February. 

With this dedicated hardware along with the funding boost, NodeShift will be aiming to maximize its potential use cases to offer decentralized cloud services.


In their own words:

“Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have changed the face of cloud computing, but their market stranglehold has left millions of growing businesses locked into paying ever-higher prices for cloud access, while forgoing the right to data privacy as part of the terms of use. So we’ve created a vital new space for businesses that prioritize cloud infrastructure privacy, affordability, agility, and scalability. Our goal is to empower every business leader, and every developer, to access the essential cloud services they need to build and grow, at a cost they can afford”, commented Andrey Surkov, Co-founder and CEO of NodeShift.

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Get their background story:

  • The company is co-founded by Andrey Surkov and Mihai Mărcuță, two former Cisco Systems engineers with extensive experience working across the world of cloud infrastructure, and is backed by advisors from the Technical University of Munich.
  • NodeShift has been selected by Intel out of over 600 funded deep tech startups for its Ignite program, which offers hands-on support and expertise. Since its creation in 2019, Intel Ignite’s startups have jointly secured $1.3B in funding from leading technology investors.

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