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FilmChain with $3M Boost to Innovate Film Finance

FilmChain Founders
Image credit: Irina Albita & Maria Tanjala, FilmChain Founders

In a nutshell


Their background story

Founded in 2018 by Maria Tanjala and Irina Albita, FilmChain is a platform that combines digital banking and blockchain technology, aiming to modernize payments in film and television, and operate a royalties management for enterprises. 

The main aim is to simplify revenue management through a Digital Collection Account Manager (CAM) system. The company focuses on enabling revenue collection, allocation, and analysis as well as enhancing the operational efficiency, transparency, and settlements.

Currently, the startup operates in the UK, Europe, and Australia, with more than 1.9K clients, eyeing expansion in North America.

FilmChain employs financial technology with its own architecture and fintech APIs, and a private Ethereum blockchain. This strategic integration aims to enhance the level of trust and accountability in the financials of the film, television, and gaming industries. The blockchain technology tracks ownership in an architecture that enables future secondary sales in asset management.


In their own words

“In an era where transparency and immediate access to funds are paramount for filmmakers, talent, financiers, and sales agents, FilmChain stands as a beacon of innovation,” said Irina Albita, co-founder of FilmChain. “Our payment infrastructure is meticulously crafted to cater to the critical needs of these stakeholders. With the infusion of fresh capital, we are poised to empower a new wave of filmmakers across North America,” she added.


Investor’s perspective 

“We see a particular under-the-radar moment to invest in the intersection of fintech and the sports, media & entertainment sectors. FilmChain’s fintech infrastructure alongside its blockchain technology ensures that every dollar of revenue generated is equitably distributed among stakeholders and royalties management is executed with unambiguous precision, driving more efficient, transparent, and secure financial operations in the management of film revenues,” shared Brendan Holt Dunn, GP HOLT IntersXion Fund, CEO Holdun Family Office.

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