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Farmers going digital: 8 most promising Serbian agritech startups

In this article we take a look at the 8 most promising Serbian agritech startups.
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Agritech is going big in the Western Balkans at the moment, with Serbia being one of the countries in the region that is implementing various innovations in agriculture. For instance, agriculture covers 65% of land area in Serbia, making it one of the most essential sectors of the country’s economy, with investors recognizing the potential of local startups and companies. In this article we take a look at the 8 most promising Serbian agritech startups.

Name: Agremo

Founded in 2017, Serbian agritech startup Agremo is an intuitive agricultural platform and data analysis software that uses AI to perform analytics from aerial imagery to provide actionable data and valuable information about plants and fields.

By using Agremo, farmers and other agriculture professionals can have a detailed insight into what exactly is happening on their fields at any given moment throughout the growing season, and to enable them to successfully plan, monitor and analyze agricultural activities, as well as improve crop performance, increase yields, and lower production costs. So far, Agremo has raised a total funding of $1.3M over three rounds.

Name: Cooperation Manager

The Cooperation Manager application is a software solution that provides logistical support to all those who trade cereals and oilseeds. By using the app, warehouses, cooperatives, millers and processors are enabled to do business easier, faster and cheaper through an efficient electronic system for communication and maintaining relationships with clients.

The app also enables users to easily contact their clients, while it also delivers daily news and interesting insights from the agricultural sectors to those that are using it.

Name: AgroCams

Founded in 2019, AgroCams provides a camera system that enables a sprayer to precisely spray only weed and cuts in half the use of herbicides.

The system includes an array of cameras, attached to the sprayer’s booms pointed to the ground in front of the sprayer. As soon as weed comes into the field of view of the camera, it gets detected, and a signal is sent by the camera to the sprayer to open.

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According to the company, unlike expensive spot-spraying solutions, AgroCams’ cameras are an inexpensive Do-It-Yourself retrofit that every farmer can install.

Name: Atar AI

Atar AI is a Serbian agritech startup whose main product is an AI-powered system that reduces chemicals usage in fields up to 70% by enabling any existing spraying machine to perform precise weed detection and spot spraying.

In some cases spraying the unwanted plants instead of full field surface can reduce chemical usage up to 80%. Therefore, Atar is aiming to limit the excessive use of chemicals in Serbian fields, which can have a detrimental effect and destroy crops while also polluting sources of water and intoxicating animals.

Name: MapMyApple

MapMyApple is an AI-supported digital agronomist in the shape of a simple mobile app for apple management. The digital agronomist provides customers with daily recommendations for spraying, irrigation, and fertilization, specifically tailored to the needs of their orchards.

MapMyApple uses a mixture of orchard and crop details, such as location and phenophase, together with weather conditions to create timely and precise growing plans. To ensure the use of the most accurate weather data, the software is connected to the customers’ own weather station, and its recommendations are always in line with the given countries’ regulations. Fresh Agriculture Technologies, the company behind MapMyApple, has raised a total funding of $456K over four funding rounds.

Name: Atfield Technologies

Founded in 2017, Atfield Technologies is a Serbian agritech startup that delivers solutions for data-driven management of vineyards. The company’s main focus is on technologies enabling efficient growth of high-quality permanent crops.

 Its platform called Winessense combines advanced data modeling with tailor-made hardware to address the key challenges in sustainable viticulture.

Some of the benefits of the platform include full traceability of local weather conditions during each season, as an input for optimization of the winemaking process, as well as providing actionable insights to identify and manage critical segments of vineyards with right actions at the right time.

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Name: NSoilab

NSoilab is a biotech startup that aims to produce eco-friendly microbial-based products intended for sustainable and organic agriculture, in order to produce high-quality and healthy food, while also improving soil quality.

The main focus of the startup is the development and production of microbial fertilizers with an advanced formulation based on biopolymers, as well as biopesticides.

Founded in 2020, NSoilab’s main product is called FertyColl – a microbial fertilizer based on biopolymers that promote plant growth and nutrition in an ecologically sustainable way. The team’s vision is to develop and produce personalized and custom-made microbial products for certain soil type and crop sort.

Name: AgroBudget

Young Serbian agritech platform AgroBudget provides optimized agriculture investment information while allowing its users to estimate and review their financial efficiency. The platform targets all agriculture producers, ranging from seasoned experts to individuals who are just starting to engage in agriculture.

The platform’s integrated model generates necessary information from different agro-spheres in one place, allowing end users to review advantages and disadvantages of their proposed project. AgroBudget’s platform also covers agriculture activities such as energy management of farms while following all the applicable laws and formal administrative procedures.

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