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NIK to Elevate Precision Farming Internationally in Partnership with Bayer, the Global Leader in the Agriculture Sector

Precision Farming Innovators Ivo Kumanov, NIK and Jens Hartmann, Bayer
Image credit: Ivo Kumanov, CEO of NIK and Jens Hartmann, Head, Crop Science at Bayer, Region Europe, Middle East and Africa
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In a significant development within the agricultural technology sector, NIK, a Bulgarian company specializing in precision farming technologies and robotics, has recently announced a strategic partnership with Bayer, a leading global enterprise in the life sciences field, with revenue of over €50 billion in 2022. This collaboration brings forth the FieldView Spray Kit, merging NIK’s 21+ years of deep technical expertise with Bayer’s extensive global resources and experience in agriculture.

The resulting IoT solution builds on Bayer’s flagship FieldView product and is aimed at further advancing the digital transformation of farming operations, enhancing their efficiency, and equipping farmers with tools for more sustainable practices. The new powerful tool enables real-time monitoring of amounts sprayed and unlocks precise calibration to minimize waste. This innovation also allows for a deeper analysis of crop development and, at the same time simplifies EU regulation compliance as well.

NIK to Elevate Precision Farming Internationally in Partnership with Bayer, the Global Leader in the Agriculture Sector,

Such a partnership is a notable achievement for NIK, placing it on the global agricultural tech map. It exemplifies the growing trend of Central and Eastern European tech companies engaging successfully with international giants. For Bayer, known for its commitment to advancing the digitization of agriculture and crop protection worldwide, the collaboration with NIK reinforces its dedication to innovative agricultural solutions:

‘At Bayer, we are committed to supporting farmers and the entire agri-food sector in embracing digital transformation so it can feed the growing population while protecting the planet. Our goal is to empower farmers to adopt regenerative practices while delivering productive and profitable operations, and the FieldView Spray Kit is a prime example of how we’re making this vision a reality,” commented Christine Brunel-Ligneau, DFS EMEA Customer Experience and Enablement Director at Bayer.

Christine Brunel Ligneau, Bayer

Growing Forward The  Digital Agriculture

Building on the success of Bayer’s FieldView product, which is used in over 89 million subscribed hectares globally, the FieldView Spray Kit represents a significant enhancement in digital farming technology. Originally launched in the United States, FieldView has empowered farmers with an in-depth understanding of their fields, enabling informed decisions to optimize yields, increase efficiency, and minimize risks and now with the help of the Spray Kit unit, they will be able to make more in-depth analysis for crop protection actions and their efficiency. 

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The FieldView Spray Kit, set to be available in ten selected European countries and South Africa, distinguishes itself by providing farmers with an advanced tool for real-time monitoring and visualization of applied products. Thе technology allows for precise calibration of sprayers, ensuring that each hydraulic section dispenses the correct amount of crop protection product. 

This capability not only contributes to sustainable food production but also aids in the meticulous tracking of georeferenced data, working speed, pressure, and rate. The addition of m2 data analysis further enables farmers to verify the distribution of crop protection products, ensuring adherence to buffer zones and untreated areas, thereby easing compliance and reporting processes.

FieldView SprayKit Demo

Ultimately, the goal is to remove technological barriers for small and medium-sized farms, with configurations suitable for row crops, vineyards, and for fruits and vegetables.

“The FieldView Spray Kit is a tool that eases the adoption of digital tools by farmers, and it was designed for those with a game-changing mindset. Growers who focus on accelerating agronomic digital solutions to understand their investments, and the overall use of farm resources all in correlation to the performance of their crop, now have yet another tool that allows farmers to make data-driven decisions to optimize inputs. With this new system, crop protection monitoring is now simple and closer to farmers,” stated Ivo Kumanov, CEO of NIK, explaining the significance of this development. 

The Road Ahead for NIK

With its roots firmly planted in Bulgaria over two decades ago, NIK has emerged as a notable player in the field of precision farming technologies and IoT solutions. Having established a significant presence with over 4000 customers and a dedicated team of more than 280 professionals, NIK has successfully extended its reach across multiple European markets and made inroads into the African continent. This expansion reflects the company’s deep commitment to revolutionizing agriculture through innovative technology and sustainable practices.

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Observing NIK’s trajectory, it becomes evident that their recent partnership with Bayer could be the precursor to further collaborations with other global leaders in smart farming. Their ability to develop and integrate precision agriculture technologies positions them as an attractive partner for businesses aiming to enhance their capabilities in this domain. 

“The partnership with Bayer CropScience is following one of our main goals – to help more farmers produce more food with fewer resources, elevating their own sustainability. Now, we are able to do it not only directly to the end customer but also working with machine and implement manufacturers on OEM level” – commented Ivo Kumanov, CEO of NIK about the significance of this collaboration. 

As the agricultural sector continues to evolve towards more digitally integrated practices, companies like NIK, with proven expertise and a growing international footprint, seem likely to attract attention from major players in the industry seeking to expand their precision agriculture offerings.


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