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Bulgaria to participate in the C3 Global Cloud Skills Tour

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What is the first thing you think about when you hear “digital transformation” or “cloud computing”? Maybe your mind gets preoccupied with business strategies, investment plans, and technological growth ideas? According to a study by IDG from 2019, 91% of the IT specialists and management experts who participated shared that the organization they were working for planned on creating or had already started implementing a digital business strategy. Among the most common goals the businesses had set, were facilitating a better customer experience, improving the efficiency of the business processes through automation, and generating new sources of revenue. The study also showed that organizations had planned to spend an average of $15.3M for digital initiatives, 59% of which were to be spent on technologies and 41% on soft and technological skills training. 

The  C3 Global Cloud Skills Tour is focused exactly on enhancing the role of people and improving their digital skills. On March 11, 2021, the Leading Learning Partners Association (LLPA) is to have a conference for the first time in Bulgaria to address the topics of digital transformation and the need for cloud computing skills. The event will be hosted by the consultancy company ITCE and is a part of the C3 Global Cloud Skills Tour – a series of conferences organized by the LLPA and supported by Microsoft that aim to address the key skills and competencies required for an efficient transition to cloud computing. 

“Bulgaria offers amazing opportunities for greater progress towards digitization and cloud computing for both the local companies and the numerous IT consultancy companies and teams working for the foreign market. However, there is also a need for constant improvement of peoples’ knowledge and competencies, as this makes the local teams more competitive,” shared Gergina Georgieva, Marketing and Sales Manager at ITCE.

“Gartner projects a 2-year delay in migrating to cloud computing solely because people lag with the development of their skills. According to them, markets that fail to train and certify cloud computing professionals to meet the demand will drop behind in the near future. This is why it is our goal to create more opportunities for local specialists to learn and improve through the C3 Cloud Skills Tour and to provide companies with new ideas and practices on an organizational, divisional, and individual level,” Georgieva added.

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The C3 Tour will take place in 15 different countries in 2021. In Bulgaria, the main topics of the event will include how to address the lack of key skills and encourage active learning and development in teams and organizations. The participants will learn how to plan and develop their role-specific skills while gaining insights about the best practices in Azure, PowerBI, Microsoft 365, Data, etc. The event is aimed at company executives, HR managers, partners, CTOs, Government IT departments, universities and colleges, Azure experts, Microsoft technical and consulting, IT, Cloud, Data, and AI developers who would like to upscale their knowledge in the areas.

The list of speakers for the conference includes leading members and specialists such as Mihail Mateev – Senior Solution Architect at EPAM Systems and Microsoft Regional Director, Dimitar Georgiev – Senior Consultant and Training Manager at ITCE, Wilfried Paroubek – Global Partner Executive at Microsoft Learning, and Svetoslav Spasov – Managing Director at KPMG.


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