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What To Read To Succeed: Sneak A Peek Into The Media Habits of Entrepreneurs

Image credit: Stan Trenev, founder and CEO of 0xFusion
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We may be used to keeping an eye on those calories in the summer season and sticking to a healthy and clean diet. Let’s spare a minute to think about our media consumption habits – are we as selective and conscious about the information we consume as we are about the food? 

“What’s on Your Media Menu” is a series that offers a peek into the media habits and curated feeds of the people shaping the future in SEE.

Today, The Recursive kicks off the series with the Media Diet of the DeFi and crypto entrepreneur, Stan Trenev. Stan is a blockchain professional with experience in the areas of Web3, NFTs, token economics, and DAOs. He is the founder and CEO of 0xFusion – a company that offers Web3 development services.

The Recursive: Do you try to build your media consumption habits with a specific focus? 

Stan Trenev, founder and CEO of 0xFusion: Definitely! To have a successful media consumption routine, you need to focus on several areas only and remove other distracting topics. In my case, I solely concentrate on personal development topics, the latest news, and developments in the blockchain/crypto industry. I also consume information regarding overall economics and finance, just to be updated.

How do you take care of your Media Diet?

I normally try to “consume media” in several slots during the day. Otherwise, you can easily get distracted and fall into the rabbit hole of consuming random news and information, which doesn’t necessarily bring any value to you. My overall consumption includes reading newsletters, watching podcasts, and reading several websites.

What is your breakfast for champions? 

As I am involved full-time in the blockchain industry, I normally start the day reading the Milk Road newsletter which conveniently summarizes all the important blockchain news and developments in the last 24 hours. I also check out my Twitter news feed, as this is the first place everything gets mentioned. To be honest, I do not watch mainstream television channels, morning blocks, etc, as they tend to be really biased.

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What types of content do you snack on during the day?

Normally, I do not commute to work as I work mostly remotely. However, I like to listen to interesting podcasts like Joe Rogan’s podcast and the Tim Ferriss Show.

As my work requires a high level of concentration, I do not tend to distract myself by listening to audiobooks and podcasts when I work. However, I like to check different crypto news outlets such as Cointelegraph, Coindesk, and Decrypt.

What are your all-time favorites? 

Do you want to change something about your Media Diet? 

I am really happy with my media consumption habits, as they are a result of thorough self-analysis from my side. It is extremely important to have “media hygiene”, and actively choose what information to consume. Moreover, it is really important to look critically at what you consume and always ask questions!

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