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You Have to Think Big to Make an Impact With Dimitar Enchev from PostScriptum Ventures

Image credit: Andrey Andonov
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Our next guest believes that decarbonization is the biggest paradigm shift in the world economy since the industrial revolution. Dimitar Enchev is a managing partner at PostScriptum Ventures. A private equity fund focused on sustainability and energy transition investments. 

But besides his investor’s hat, Dimitar Enchev is also an entrepreneur. He co-founded CWP Global. A company that developed and realized a number of large-scale renewable energy projects, including the biggest wind farm in Europe. 

Recently, Dimitar Enchev has exited with CWP Renewables, one of Australia’s leading renewable energy players. He will now focus on the groups’ projects in Europe and new climate tech opportunities such as green hydrogen. 

Dimitar graduated from Swarthmore College in the USA and the London School of Economics. 

In his conversation with Irina, Dimitar talks about:

✔️ How to create the next wave of unicorns in the decarbonization space;

✔️ The 3 big trends driving change in the energy space; 

✔️ How CEE can turn its challenges as one of the most carbon-intensive regions in Europe into economic opportunities; 

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