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Why the Right Moment to Go Green Is Now. Join the Green Future Conference 2023 Today!

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Close your eyes and imagine what our world would look like by 2050 if we don’t act now… Unequal distribution of resources and climate refugees displaced globally, insufferable heat and extreme weather conditions, shifting climate zones and increased frequency of natural disasters, devastating infectious diseases and economic losses, lost species and despair.

Now, open your eyes. Because the above is not a hypothetical scenario but something happening here and now – problems we should never shut our eyes to. From Turkey and Syria to Malawi and Indonesia to New Zealand and the US; we can clearly see that in the last month alone, the increasing number of floods, cyclones and storms is affecting all of us. And that’s just some of the severe consequences of climate change!

While we all talk about a green future, scientists agree that building a future is possible only if we act now. No, we won’t green(brain)wash you with individual steps to induce guilt while big organizations are washing their hands. Quite the opposite! We give you a chance to become a real facilitator of change by joining the Green Future Startup Challenge and Conference 2023.

Challenge ineffective policies and join the Green Future Startup Challenge 2023

Instead of waiting for someone to build a green future, join the Green Future Startup Challenge! Organized by the Green Future Conference, this spirited competition is ideal for ambitious startups in the sustainable development sector – with a focus on three key areas: environment and the way technology could help us adapt, energy and how tech can enhance the use of alternative energy sources, and e-mobility, being the driving force of a sustainable future. The competition gives startups the unique chance to present their innovative ideas and technologies in front of industry leaders and potential stakeholders.

Sounds like the right place to kick off your venture? Then we’ve got some good news: there’s still time to join. Forget about burdensome paperwork or waiting lists! Simply fill out the application form before May 1, 2023.

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Ten selected startups will have the unique chance to receive global exposure and connect with experts and potential investors, with 10,000 € allocated to the top one. But that’s not all! In addition to the main prize, participants can seize the chance to win some of the Green Communication Awards in the total amount of 100.000 € of services and products granted by Infobip, the first Croatian unicorn.

However, as the saying goes, the most important thing is not winning but taking part. As last year’s winners, Duško Radulović from Climatig and Eugenio Riganti from Must Had, admit: entering the competition is not only an excellent way to receive support but to make a real impact surrounded by positive and like-minded people.

The Green Future Conference 2023: A call for a global change

So if you are ready to green the fun, then get your spot at the Green Future Conference 2023, which will be hosted at the Croatian National Theatre in Split – one of the most vibrant places on the Dalmatian coast. With its rich history, picturesque sites, and mesmerizing beaches, Split has been on UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 1979 for a reason.

The best part is that the conference it’s not reserved solely for startups and experts (or Dalmatian fans) but it’s open to anyone interested in the sector. You can easily get your ticket to learn about the latest tech innovations, as well as to enjoy networking events and after-parties. Free and virtual tickets are also available. So do not forget to add June 1-2 on your calendar!

Individual Steps, Global Action

Why attend, after all? Because even one person can make a change!

In the case of the Green Future Conference, three people. Tomislav Buljubašić, Marijan Cipčić, and Ognjen Bagatin who, thanks to skill sets, expertise and, most of all, passion, created a platform to bring people together and facilitate the transition to a green world.

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Given the popularity of the event, they are looking forward to growing further, expanding the event, inviting more speakers, and helping eco ideas come into practice beyond 2023.

Will yours be next?

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