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Vote For The Future Shaper 2022 in Central and Eastern Europe and Win Awards at Wolves Summit Vienna

Wolves Summit Vienna
Image credit: The nominees for the Future Shaper Award 2022
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What name pops up in your mind when you think about the tech heroes shaping the future of the innovation ecosystem in Central Eastern Europe? Why don’t you share it with us and let your tech hero win some international recognition and awards? 

As part of the upcoming Wolves Summit Vienna 2022, The Recursive is looking to shortlist and appraise the most promising startups in the region. Together with the Wolves Summit team, we are launching public nominations for “The Futureshaper Awards”!

The list of the 15 startups that have received the most nominations is here. The shortlisted companies will now participate in public voting and will compete for the big prizes. Vote for your favorite Future Shaper by September 30th! 


🏆 Content Campaign by The Recursive worth €5000 excl. VAT 

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The upcoming edition of Wolves Summit, one of the largest tech conferences in Central and Eastern Europe, will take place in Vienna, Austria on October 20-21, 2022, as well as online. This is the first time the conference goes outside of Poland and the second time that The Recursive joins as the Headline Media Partner. Wolves Summit allows CEE startups and scaleups to represent their country and showcase their top tech solutions to investors and corporate partners.

Let’s see who are the public’s favorite CEE startups. And why according to the people who nominated them they are Future Shapers? 



Why it is a Future Shaper:  UNESCO Top 100 A.I. project, Bitskout is building a platform that will let anyone regardless of technical expertise use A.I. like we use email today.



Why is it a Future Shaper: BrandVox is a fast-growing Ukrainian startup. The application helps you to build/strengthen the “brand voice”, make it “audible“, analyzing your content and emotions, triggering it to the desired target audience. This app has already captured the hearts of its users in Ukraine, Poland, Canada, and Great Britain.

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Dot Lumen

Why is it a Future Shaper:  It has the potential to help millions of blind people


FAYR Ecosystem 

Why is it a Future Shaper: Pioneers and visioners with multiple innovative multi-awarded Flagship Projects, mentioned by European Commission, constant contribution to community development, sustainability, education and charity, and much more.



Why is it a Future Shaper: They produce bio-based and biodegradable alternatives to laminating films and packaging foils.



Why is it a Future Shaper: Mollia is developing a Natural Machine Intelligence technology that fosters genuine cooperation between machines and humans. By utilizing its solution, ordinary people can teach fundamental skills to humanoid robots intuitively using their mobile phone, with the ultimate aim of building a kinematic library that can accelerate the implementation of humanoid robots. In essence, one could say that Mollia will become a ‘Wikipedia for robotics motion.’



Why is it a Future Shaper: Munch is a platform where restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, hotels and other stores can sell their surplus food. They saved 90,000 meals from being wasted in their first full year.



Why is it a Future Shaper: Provides a software solution for all professionals to take decisions based on historical small data. Awarded many European Awards and contacts.


Nooka Space 

Why is it a Future Shaper: Disruptive flex-work experience for citizens and travelers, shaping the future of work.



Why is it a Future Shaper: Octavic changes the way data in manufacturing is used. They’re wizards that shape the path for those who will inhabit the world. 



Why is it a Future Shaper: Created an online platform to make mortgage applications easier, faster and better for everybody



Why is it a Future Shaper: They are the easiest platform on the planet to create and use 3D content. No need to use an agency or having to code. Already 50 companies are using it around the world. 

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Push Marketplace 

Why is it a Future Shaper: It’s a recently launched Bulgarian app for buying and selling clothing. Just for a few months they’ve attracted investors’ attention and received serious funding. The app provides people the opportunity to earn some money for the clothes they don’t use and to dress nicely for cheaper. Besides that, thrift-shopping is great for the environment and the app is making this concept more popular and understood amongst the Bulgarian community. The team is very ambitious. Just for six months the already have more than 20K users in the app.



Why is it a Future Shaper: The company is redefining the future of electric vehicles. They raised nearly €1B in the past few years.



Why is it a Future Shaper: 1st place at The Great Pitch Contest at Wolves Summit – 2019, in 2021 they doubled the value of our sales result, in 2022 they closed another investment round. Level2 VC joined the group of their investors in 1st place at the NCBR Nevada Acceleration Program (PARP) – 2022.  “Best Sales Enablement Platform” at Sales Innovation EXPO in London – 2021,   1st place in the Scale-Up category at the UiPath Automation Awards – 2020,   1st place at the Startup Challenge at European Startup Days – 2019.  Salesbook selected by London & Partners for UK accelerator program – 2017. 


Vote for Future Shaper 2022 


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