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Updata One: The community of data companies that helps business leaders make sense of information

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Companies around the world are estimated to generate about two quintillion bytes of data every day. Despite this data abundance, about 63% of employees say they’re unable to get the necessary insights in the required timeframe and close to 95% of businesses claim that not being able to manage and understand unstructured data is halting their progress.

Chances are you’re already familiar with many of these statistics. But did you know that a part of the future of business intelligence is actually being created in Bulgaria? For quite a few years now, four local companies –  A Data Pro, Identrics, SeeNews, and Perceptica – have helped global customers solve their information needs. And now while remaining completely autonomous entities, they will be united by one common brand – Updata One.

“We have multiple examples of the collaborative process between the separate brands that have proven their successful exchange of services and knowledge in order to respond to a certain customer request or perform internal process optimization. With the launch of Updata One, we aim to increase the expertise level within our community of professionals and provide an opportunity to deliver better products and services to current and potential new clients,” share from Updata One. 

Better collaboration opportunities

The new formation’s goal will be to positively impact all the organizations in attaining a higher position in the value chain by providing easier access to all resources and the knowledge and expertise of the rest of Updata One representatives. This enhanced interaction between the four companies is expected to turn into a strong advantage for each brand individually ahead of their competition.

Updata One also gives the four brands the opportunity to benefit from all advantages everyone brings within the community, as well as the ability to together monitor and follow any news, trends and tendencies happening in the markets, including communicating, educating each other about hot questions and topics, and working together on different R&D projects.

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The end to end package for extracting valuable business insights

While covering a very wide range of data services and solutions, Updata One is on a journey to solve a problem that can be boiled down to two words – information overload. 

The community of companies is already helping CEOs, marketers, and other decision makers deal with the enormous amount of data –  extracting the valuable and insightful information they need in any language (human or machine) and in the format that would best suit their business needs.

“We prevent clients from accumulating data non-effectively and help them avoid decision paralysis. We turn data into the most valuable source of information to benefit their business through our trustworthy insights, in-depth understanding and relevant interpretation. Through our media monitoring services, we assure a clear understanding and effective measurement of how well our client brand stays ahead of its competitors and performs in the market,” tells us the team of Updata One. 

A Data Pro is a global company specialising in content, data and business intelligence services. The services the company provides include data aggregation and transformation, content enrichment, due diligence and compliance screening, media monitoring and analysis and NLG automated text generation.  The company has been on the market for more than 20 years, has built a team of over 500 people, and domain knowledge covering all major industries.

Identrics launched as a Sofia-based AI startup back in 2015. Given the team’s proficiency in data science and semantic technologies, the company’s aim is to teach machines to order, compress and make sense of the enormous volumes of unstructured data people face every day. To do so, the team offers a few solutions: multilingual abstractive summarisation, entity extraction, sentiment analysis and custom & DSaaS. These have earned Identrics an international client base and industry recognition, including a bronze & gold Stevie Awards. 

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Perceptica specialises in monitoring, measurement and analysis of broadcast, print, online and social media for Southeast Europe. Combining their analysts’ expertise with the latest media listening technologies, the brand offers full-spectrum media intelligence services from real-time monitoring of your brand, to in-depth reports and consulting. Their services include start and media monitoring, media consulting and media analysis.

SeeNews is Southeast Europe’s premier independent business intelligence provider, delivering a 360-degree perspective on the region that helps you make informed decisions. With more than 16 years on the market and expert editorial and research teams, the company is one-stop shop for all business intelligence needs. SeeNews is also the publisher of Top 100 SEE – Southeast Europe’s first and only annual business ranking of the biggest companies in the region. 

What’s next for Updata One?

In 2022, Updata One will be focusing on three main milestones:

  • The effective collaboration between all brands, 
  • The development of information panel to discuss  emerging topics  related to business analysis, media monitoring, PR, risk and compliance,
  • Even stronger market positioning of the brands as top trusted partners in solving information needs 


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