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The web hosting leader SuperHosting.BG acquires its domestic main competitor ICN.BG

Lyubomir Rusanov and Metodi Drenosvki
Image credit: Lyubomir Rusanov and Metodi Drenosvki ©DEV.BG
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The leading Bulgarian provider of web hosting, domains, and VPS services, part of the European group, SuperHosting.BG announced that it acquired the assets of the second largest Bulgarian hosting provider ICN.BG in a deal of undisclosed amount. SuperHosting.BG will start managing the client profiles of ICN.BG and take over its customer services, while the founders of ICN.Bg will focus on developing international projects. 

In a press release Yulian Borislavov, the manager of ICN.BG, says that he seesSuperHosting.BG as a company that aims to transform Bulgaria into a hub for digital services in the Balkans. As a result, he believes that SuperHosting.BG will become a reliable partner of ICN.BG and will take good care of their clients. 

Becoming a web hosting market leader

SuperHosting.BG was founded in 2005 by Lyubomir Rusanov and Metodi Drenosvki and for its 16 years on the market, the hosting provider has attracted over 200 000 clients. Its services provide an end-to-end hosting solution and include domain registration, shared hosting, resellers plans and search engine registration, as well as SSL certifications. Over the past years, the company has been active in introducing new services such as the Website Builder services, and in acquiring smaller domestic hosting providers such as and HostBulgaria. 

In 2020, SuperHosting.BG entered the Serbian market and following the expansion it became part of the European hosting group By joining the European group of digital enablers, the Bulgarian hosting provider helped to solidify its presence and market position in the CEE. Аt the same time, the company is still managed by its founders. 

The implications for the users of ICN.Bg

What will change for the clients of ICN.BG is that they will have to renew their services through the SuperHosting.BG platform and will no longer receive invoices from ICN.BG. To ensure the smooth transition, the SuperHosting.BG will reach out to its new clients with further information before the end of the prepaid period. After all the services of ICN.BG are transferred to the infrastructure of SuperHosting.BG in a couple of months, users will be able to benefit from a high-level security system, premium protection against cyberattacks, and automated renewal of services options.

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