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Top 10+ Largest Funding Rounds in Slovakia in H1 2023

slovakia largest funding rounds 2023
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The decline in venture capital funding starting in Q1 2022 and intensifying in Q3 persists into the present year, with global VC funding dropping by 53%.

Nevertheless, despite the worldwide decline of startup funding, three Slovak startups have secured investments of over €15 million in the first half of 2023. Following our feature of the 10 largest investments in Czech startups, The Recursive now brings you a summary of the most substantial funding rounds in Slovakia.


This article is part of the CEE milestones mapping series. More will follow soon. Discover the 10+ largest tech funding rounds of disclosed amounts in Slovakia in H1 2023 up to date. Please, feel free to contact us with updates or investments we should add to the list: [email protected].


Top 10+ funding rounds in Slovakia: H1 2023

1. Tachyum

Funding: €26.4M

Round: Grant

Investors: European Commission

Founders: Radoslav Danilak, Rodney Mullendore, Ken Wagner, Igor Shevlyakov

Vertical: Computer hardware

About: Featured in our recent Slovak ecosystem mapping article, Tachyum provides the world’s first Universal Processor for high-performance and efficient computing for the data center, HPC, and AI markets.


2. Photoneo

Funding: ~ €17.42M

Round: Series B

Investors: Taiwania Capital, Venture to Future Fund, Kolowrat Group, IPM Group, H&D Asset Management, Alpha Intelligence Capital

Founders: Jan Zizka, Tomas Kovacovsky, Michal Maly

Vertical: Robotics

About: Photoneo empowers warehouses with automation, providing robotic vision sensors and intelligence software, autonomously picking, consolidating, and dispatching orders.



Funding: €16M

Round: Venture round

Investors: ProPartners

Founders: Branislav Safarik, Radoslav Stompf, Rastislav Kuba, Vladimir Miskovsky, Tomas Demcak, Branislav Kopun

Vertical: Energy

About: Fuergy provides solutions for energy optimization with its AI-powered software platform and modular battery system, from smart energy storage systems and enhanced utilization of green energy sources to dispatch systems or automated energy trading.


4. Sensoneo

Funding: €6.2M

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Round: Series A

Investors: Taiwania Capital, Crowdberry, EIC Fund, Venture to Future Fund

Founders: Andrea Basilova, Martin Basila

Vertical: Waste management

About:  Sensoneo provides cities and businesses with enterprise-grade smart waste management solutions, supporting clients with data-driven decision-making and optimizing waste collection routes, frequencies, and vehicle load.


5. SuperScale

Funding: €5M

Round: Series A

Investors: Venture to Future Fund, Zero One Hundred, Across Private Investments

Founders: Ivan Trancik

Vertical: Gaming

About: SuperScale is a growth platform leveraging proprietary AI technology to assist mobile and web3 gaming companies in analyzing, optimizing, and scaling business performance for their flagship titles.


6. Sensible Biotechnologies

Funding: ~ €3.85M

Round: Pre-seed

Investors: BlueYard Capital, ZAKA VC, Y Combinator, Recode Health Ventures, Civilization Ventures, Amino Collective, angels

Founders: Miroslav Gasparek, Marian Kupculak

Vertical: Biotechnology

About: Sensible Biotechnologies utilizes cell engineering, computational biology, and precision fermentation to build the cell-based platform for producing mRNA vaccines and therapeutics.



Funding: €1.3M

Round: Unspecified

Investors: Venture to Future Fund, Crowdberry

Founders: Stanislav Chlepko

Vertical: Education

About: Nexineo develops virtualized computer equipment, a small device connected to a monitor, that creates a more efficient and modernized learning environment at schools.


8. CulturePulse

Funding: ~ €920K

Round: Seed

Investors: Zero Gravity Capital

Founders: Justin E. Lane, LeRon Shults, Brian Swichkow, Maja Roknic

Vertical: Marketing

About: CulturePulse is an AI-powered solution helping businesses create their communication messages with potential customers in a way that mirrors the values of their targeted audience and avoids negative responses.



Funding: €550K

Round: Pre-seed

Investors: Zero Gravity Capital, Czech Founders VC, angel

Founders: Martin Schmuck, Jan Pernecky

Vertical: Construction

About: Deep-tech startup DEVS streamlines the real estate development design process through computational design, artificial intelligence, and other methods.


10. Ineduco

Funding: ~ €510K

Round: Unspecified

Investors: Zero Gravity Capital

Founders: Ivan Fratric, Alexander Svetlik

Vertical: Education

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About: Ineduco application aims to improve the learning experience for university students by digitizing learning content and textbooks while providing personalization features of notes, discussions, and a creative workspace.


11. Stacktape

Funding: ~ €510K

Round: Unspecified

Investors: Tensor Ventures

Founders: Matus Congrady, Simon Obetko, Milan Peschl

Vertical: Software development

About: Stacktape is an advanced cloud development framework that eliminates the need for DevOps and empowers developers to deploy applications on AWS infrastructure efficiently.

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