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Serbian-rooted Lupa Technology Secures New Investment for Global Expansion in Construction Data Management

Lupa Technology Team
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In a Nutshell


  • Serbian-US data management platform Lupa Technology closed a $1.8M investment round.
  • The round was led by South Central Ventures, with the participation of World Bank/EU Commission.
  • The new funds will be used for global expansion


Their Background Story


Lupa is a cloud-based SaaS built for the construction industry. The startup, founded in 2021 , aims to help companies turn their data into an asset. Its key features include mining and unifying data from other platforms, processing documents, offering construction-specific workflows and more. The platform also utilizes generative AI insights and reporting.

Based in New York and Belgrade, Lupa’s primary markets include the USA, UK, EU, and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC regions), with their sales focused on both direct sales and partnership-driven sales.


In Their Own Words


“Having bootstrapped our journey so far, we are thrilled to secure this significant investment led by South Central Ventures and joined by Katapult Accelerator (supported by the World Bank and EU Commission)” said Lupa Technology’s CEO, Vladimir Milovanovic. 

“Our platform is gaining significant traction in the market due to its maturity and practical impact on businesses, helping clients take bold steps in their digital transformation,” he added.


Investor’s Perspective


“We are thrilled to support Lupa Technology as they redefine data management standards in the construction industry. Their innovative approach and deep understanding of construction challenges position them as a pivotal player in enhancing operational efficiencies. We are excited to see the fast adoption of Lupa’s technology by industry leaders and the value they are getting by using it, and at the same time, truly impressed with the quality and dedication of the Lupa team. We believe that this investment positions Lupa for success in disrupting the construction industry with transformative AI-driven solutions,” shared Goran Stevanovic, Partner in the South Central Ventures fund.

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