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Serbian Orgnostic Gets Acquired to Advance People Analytics for Organizational Insights

Two men posing for a picture: Luka Babic and Igor Bogicevic, co-founders of Orgnistic
Image credit: Luka Babic and Igor Bogicevic, co-founders of Orgnostic
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In a nutshell:

  • Culture Amp is in the process of acquiring the Belgrade-based people analytics platform Orgnostic.
  • Orgnostic’s extensive organizational data will be integrated with Culture Amp’s AI technology, aiming to result in the development of advanced people analytics capabilities with multiple dimensions.


Their background story:

Serbian Orgnostic, founded in 2019 by Luka Babic and Igor Bogicevic, is a people analytics product that allows enterprise organizations to identify actionable insights across extensive sources of people data. Orgnostic’s customers include Indrive, SmartRecruiters, and Suzy.

Australian Culture Amp, an employee analytics platform that specializes in staff surveying and analytics, is implemented in over 6K companies around the world. Some of their clients are enterprises such as Salesforce, PwC, KIND, SoulCycle, and BigCommerce.


In their own words:

“We founded Orgnostic because we believe that people analytics is the key to unlocking meaningful changes in organizations, and we see an opportunity to rapidly accelerate what we set out to do by being part of Culture Amp,” Luka Babic, former CEO of Orgnostic, now a VP at Culture Amp. 

“The addition of Orgnostic to Culture Amp’s platform offering will make people analytics more accessible for HR teams, people analysts, and leaders across organizations”, said Didier Elzinga, co-founder and CEO of Culture Amp.


Next steps:

Once integrated with Orgnostic, Culture Amp’s employee experience platform will focus on providing actionable insights to HR teams, managers, and leaders across enterprise organizations. This aims to empower them to make informed decisions supported by data.

Culture Amp’s people analytics product will be available in the second half of 2024.

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