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Greek-founded Adadot raises $1M to help technical people track wellbeing in the workplace

Adadot founders Alex Harris and Jason Spiliotopoulos
Image credit: Adadot founders, Alex Harris and Jason Spiliotopoulos
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•   Adadot, headquartered in London, UK, and founded by Greek entrepreneurs, just raised $1 million to develop their intelligent SaaS analytics platform aimed at tracking and improving the wellbeing and performance of skilled professionals in the workplace.

•   Investors and advisors include VC funds LAUNCHub Ventures and daFUND, as well as Charles Songhurst (ex-Head of M&A at Microsoft), James Isilay (CEO of Cognism), Jane Gilson (ex-Microsoft and Google executive), among others.

•   The new funds will be used to develop an AI based system of smart recommendations and help the company reach more customers across Europe, the UK, and the US.


As developers get more influence in decision-making in organizations, the case for developing and marketing developer-first products and services is getting stronger – and investors are taking note. Just recently, Romanian startup Bunnyshell raised a new round to further build on its service platform that developers can use to simulate environments for building software products faster and better.

One pressing question for developers in today’s modern working environment is how to correlate and balance performance and wellbeing. Yet current software productivity tools fall short of an answer.

For Adadot founders Alex Harris and Jason Spiliotopoulos, the challenges with burnout and work-life imbalance that technical teams can experience appeared clearly after running remote technical teams and experiencing hybrid ways of working. As Alex Harris, co-founder and CEO, explains, beyond tactical information such as the status of tasks that traditional productivity tools offer, there is an urgent question that can show whether technical people are moving in the right direction, both as individuals and as teams:

“Are we getting faster or better, and are we burning out in the process?”

With the vision that tracking performance and wellbeing in the workplace should be a simple, private, and personalized experience, similar to what a fitness tracker provides, the Adadot solution crystallized. 

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Essentially, it is a cloud-based, SaaS analytics platform that helps professionals, starting with technical specialists, achieve their strategic goals by analyzing productivity and collaboration data from daily tools used in the workplace. A new standard for “future of work” analytics that focuses on improving how developers work but also feel.

It’s also a privacy-first solution, meaning that it offers full control over data to the individual, while sharing only aggregate team data with the managers.

Investor sentiment and community feedback

Explaining the reasoning for backing the company, Stan Sirakov, General Partner at LAUNCHub Ventures – the early-stage VC fund with focus on South-Eastern Europe and Central and Eastern Europe, shares:

“Doing well while being well at work is no longer a matter of a trade-off. Technical people in both in-house and remote environments need key metrics and useful insights on their performance, collaboration and wellbeing patterns. We are excited to back Alex and Jason in their quest for a more efficient and balanced work-life with a tracking solution rewarding the top performers and sounding the alarm for the overworked. By investing in Adadot we want to be a part of that positive change in the Future of Work.”

Darko Butina, General Partner at daFUND, a pan-European VC fund targeting early-stage startups further emphasizes the relevance of the issues that Adadot addresses for the modern work environment – both removing burnout and also finding new, better ways to collaborate remotely.

Recently, Adadot launched on Product Hunt, where it was quickly upvoted as the #1 Product of the Day by the community. Currently, Adadot has teams in the UK and Greece.


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