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9th Annual Salesforce Conference: Learn how to engage customers and grow sales in the digital era

Next Consult organizes Salesforce conference for 9th time
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Over 20 leading regional and international top executives, together with more than 400 participants from Southeast Europe, will gather in Sofia on May 17th and in Bucharest on May 19th at the 9th Annual Salesforce Conference organized by Next Consult. During the event, they will provide a Digital 360° view of the customers and how to create connected experiences with speed and relevance that add real value to the business. The tickets for both events are free, but the sports are limited and attendees are required to register in advance here.

The accomplished speakers from Salesforce, Payhawk, Postbank (part of Eurobank), Tesy, Prestige 96, BLD (part of AG Capital), OTP Bank Romania and many more will share valuable insights about creating a better experience for your business’ customers in the digital era. They will highlight how to improve the added value for your organization, including leveraging higher sales volumes and values. Panelists will shine a light on how connecting all data about consumers can improve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Focus on digital transformation

During both events, the focus will be on business models’ transformation and digitalization, best practices in customer relationship management, successful approaches for implementation of business management systems in various sectors and industries, and last but not least, the capabilities of the innovative cloud solutions provided by Salesforce. Guests will discuss intriguing business topics, such as the possibility of unifying Marketing, Sales, Service, and IT in a revolutionary way and improving processes in all business aspects. Participants will also have the opportunity to experience in real-time how Salesforce’s solutions work and discover the almost unlimited possibilities of the platform.

“Our goal is to contribute to a smooth transition of the business to a digitalization of the processes and its overall transformation. We are happy that along with our Salesforce partners we will once again bring together hundreds of successful managers and owners of leading companies in Bulgaria, Romania, and around the world. The participants in our annual conference will have the chance to learn from the shared global experience of industry leaders, local businesses and discover best practices in business management and systems implementation, as well as further opportunities for development and growth,” shares Orlin Dochev, Managing Partner at Next Consult.

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Emanuil Totev from TESY presents the experience of the company with Salesforce and Next Consult

Salesforce Conference: The Agenda in Bulgaria

Matthieu Dumont, Salesforce’s Area VP, accompanied by Orlin Dochev, Managing Partner at Next Consult, will give the start of the event with keynote speeches on how CRM platforms improve customer relations in the digital era. Next on the agenda, you can learn how Bulgaria’s first unicorn – Payhawk, has built great relations with customers and how this process supports their growth. 

The first panel will be led by two of the partners at Next Consult – Emil Vuchkov and Maxim Kolev. Emil and some of Salesforce’s top experts will discuss the creation of a high-impact customer experience and make the customer journey easy by using CRM solutions. They will be joined on stage by Danny Want from Taylor & Hart and Lina Varbanova from Postbank.

Maxim will shine a light on the impact that customer experience has on boosting sales and driving growth. Accompanied by Nadejda Zaharieva and Irina Kaneva, the three will share their knowledge on the matter and give examples from their practice.

The second panel will deliver insights both from the executive and technical sides of building a great customer experience. Ivo Dreshkov from Next Consult, Tudor Trof, and Vlad Stoica from Salesforce will talk about the impact of using ERP services, simplifying the users buying journey and unifying data from any system to get valuable insights about your customers.

The technical aspects will be covered by David Sitarek, Sr Business Development Director at Salesforce, Istvan Viz and Igor Babitsch, experts from Mulesoft, who will talk about guaranteeing your customers’ data and using different integrations to build a Customer 360 oriented company.

Salesforce Conference: The Agenda in Romania

The Romanian edition of the conference will begin with keynote presentations by Liviu Curcia, CEO of Next Consult SCE Romania, and the Senior RVP EMEA Central at Salesforce – Alexander Haditsch. They will share how using CRM systems boosts sales and generates business growth.

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Next on the agenda, participants will learn how to combine the data they have on their customers from different platforms and unify them to get valuable insights. Other key panels will share about the transition from Customer 360° to Digital 360° and how to deliver faster and more accurate personalized customer support to boost your users’ satisfaction. The speakers will include top executives from Next Consult, Salesforce, Apa Nova, Mulesoft, Clima Data Analytics, and Teilor.

The event in Romania will also focus on financial institutions and their digital transformation. Constantin Mares, CDO of OTP Bank Romania, and Christian Magargiu, Advisor to DCEO Business Division at OTP Bank Romania, together with Alexandru Savencu, Managing Partner at Next Consult SCE Romania, will discuss how banks can make the transition to digital and attract new customers. One more panel will be dedicated to the transformation of financial services, where experts from Next Consult and Salesforce will discuss the benefits of Financial Services Cloud.

Register for the 9th Annual Salesforce Conference here


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