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Run To The Wolves Summit And Seize Opportunities In The Evolving Tech Landscape

Wolves Summit event
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In times of shifting tides and economic uncertainties, the tech industry is facing one challenge after the other. Recessions, downturns, layoffs, not to mention a post-pandemic recovery, we’ve all had our fair share of it.

Not everything is doom and gloom, though! As you may know, wolves are one of the most enduring animals on the planet. Especially when moving in packs. In this picture, Wolves Summit is thrilled to announce its next edition on May 23-25, 2023 in Wrocław. The event promises to bring together leading tech companies, startups, decision makers, venture representatives and industry professionals to create new opportunities that will shape the future of the tech industry.

With recent downsizing and layoffs impacting the tech workforce worldwide, Wolves Summit 2023 in Poland becomes a pivotal event, offering an inclusive space for networking, collaboration, and connecting tech professionals with potential co-founders, talent and employers. The event’s agenda is built on six core themes and will also focus on bringing a global perspective with discussions on the impact of tech layoffs, slower capital deployment, and political challenges on the tech industry in Poland and Europe.

Networking is a critical tool for startups, providing the opportunity to connect with industry leaders, investors, and like-minded entrepreneurs. An unparalleled networking experience, like ours, is key to bringing together startups from around the world to share knowledge, ideas, and expertise. By leveraging these connections, startups can accelerate their growth, drive innovation, and achieve long-term success in the rapidly evolving tech industry, shares Michael Chaffe, CEO of Wolves Summit.

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Wolves Summit: Wroclaw Edition

The Wrocław edition offers a range of activities designed to foster networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. Among them are a pitch contest where startups will compete for winning a place in Antler’s September cohort and a funding grant, 1:1 and talent matchmaking for finding your next investments, leads and team rockstars, corporate innovation challenge and side events supporting the ecosystem plus the largest expo zone in Wolves Summit history. Representatives from Invest Hong Kong, the European Innovation Council, the European Innovation Fund, ARAW, Vienna Business Agency (VBA), Microsoft, SoDA, Startup Live, IPCom will also join the event.

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Wolves Summit billboards at the Copernicus Airport Wroclaw
Wolves Summit billboards at the Copernicus Airport Wroclaw. Image credit: Wolves Summit

Wolves Summit is an integrated dealflow and events platform connecting investors and tech companies through digital events, corporate innovation challenges, and startup scaling activities. With each edition, it attracts over 2000 diverse investors, startups, and industry leaders. Since 2015, Wolves Summit has facilitated over 35,000 meetings among 19,000+ participants, fostering valuable connections. The summit boasts a global network of 170+ community partners, including accelerators and startup operators. In 2021, Wolves Summit launched WolvesX, a startup division dedicated to supporting renowned organizations like LG Electronics, PwC, Garage+, and the Economic Development Board in Singapore. WolvesX tackles a wide range of corporate and government innovation challenges.

Join the Wolves Summit in Wrocław on May 23-25 and let’s shape the future of the tech industry together!

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