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Romanian-founded Pluria Announced Their First Acquisition to Elevate User Experience in Workspaces

Andrei Cretu & Gabriela Draghia, founders of Pluria (personal archive)
Image credit: Andrei Cretu & Gabriela Draghia, founders of Pluria (personal archive)
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In a nutshell

  • Romanian Pluria, a B2B SaaS solution connecting distributed teams with nearby workspaces, has announced its acquisition of Bili, a menu ordering and payment solution. 
  • The amount of the deal remains undisclosed. 
  • This strategic decision highlights Pluria’s aim to enhance the working experience within flexible spaces.

Get the details

The startup was founded in 2020 by Andrei Cretu and Gabriela Draghia. Their B2B SaaS platform provides a curated network of workspaces with an engagement layer, addressing the challenges of hybrid and remote collaboration.

Employees can collaborate by reserving coworking spaces or cafes through the app or by accessing a dedicated private office within a global network comprising over 600 coworking spaces and cafes across 14 countries in Latin America and Europe.

With the acquisition of Bili, Pluria aims to provide users with seamless food ordering and enhanced hybrid work experiences across 110 cities in 14 Latin American and European countries. The company aims to grow the number of cafés in the network within the next year.

Pluria had been backed by international investors, including Southeast European Eleven Ventures, Germany-based Croton Capital, Romania-based WIT Angels Club, and US-based Phoenix Venture Fund, and more.

In their own words

“Acquiring Bili allows us to enhance our service offerings and provide an even better user experience in the cafés in the Pluria network,” said Andrei Cretu, CEO and co-founder of Pluria. “The world has settled on hybrid work, with workspaces evolving to meet the increased need for flexibility. Cafés, where people can share a meal and casually work, are part of the new work infrastructure. We aim to elevate this experience, making work days more productive and teams more connected.”

Daniel Popa, founder of Bili, shared: “This integration will help café owners increase their revenues by tapping into Pluria’s client base and supporting flexible work in the process.”

“Our goal is to help our client companies maintain a productive and connected workforce in this new hybrid reality, and we are evolving our platform to do that,” said Gabriela Draghia, CRO and co-founder of Pluria. “In terms of building culture, eating together may be the biggest single advantage someone can have compared with connecting purely online. This is the power of an employee engagement strategy done right.”

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