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Romania welcomes Digital Nomads: special visa, one step closer to approval

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Romania becomes an even more attractive destination for remote working, as it pushes forward a law regulating the Digital Nomad Visa program. On May 12, 2021, several members of the Parliament, in collaboration with the Ministry of Research, Innovation, and Digitalization, submitted a draft law on the topic.

The beneficiaries will be third-country nationals (e.g. non-EU) who want to work remotely for an employer, or their own company registered while living in Romania for a longer period. Local authorities expect the widespread use of telecommunications and labor market changes, ignited by the COVID-19 outbreak, to continue to attract remote workers in the future.

With this initiative, Romania joins other countries in Southeast Europe that have made progress on introducing digital nomad visas. Starting January 1, 2021, Croatia has been offering a temporary digital nomad residence permit for a maximum period of 12 months. In other countries such as North Macedonia and Greece, discussions are underway to approve digital nomad visa programs.


Why be a Digital Nomad in Bucharest?

According to the 2020 Remote Working Index report by Broadband Deals, Bucharest has already been ranked the best city in the world for remote work. Its key advantages? Internet speed, low cost of living, and availability of food delivery services. 

The new digital nomad visa law would create a better framework for the inclusion of third-country foreign workers in the local community. To that end, it aims to modify the Emergency Ordinance no. 194 of December 12, 2002, addressing foreigners in the country.

In applying for the visa, applicants will need to provide the following:

  • proof of being an employee, or an owner of a company, registered outside of Romania;
  • proof that for 6 months before applying for the visa and the period requesting the visa, the digital nomad has an income, amounting to at least the equivalent average national income;
  • proof of health insurance for the period for which the visa was obtained;
  • proof of no criminal record.
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While there are many practical benefits to choosing Romania as a destination for remote working, the country offers additional perks. Digital nomads who enjoy the flexibility of remote-working can also explore the country’s rich cultural heritage and natural diversity.

“We invite international citizens to live in and enjoy our beautiful country, where innovation intersects with traditions and nature,” says Diana Buzoianu, member of the Romanian Parliament and the initiator of the program.


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