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Quantum battery technology could charge the future of electric cars

Quantum energy concept
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The relations between Europe and Russia, one of its key historic suppliers of gas and oil have gone colder, hence political and economic leaders are accelerating the transition to energy independence. Fossil fuels, regional experts agree, are a limited resource, with a high carbon footprint and high associated costs, and thus not a safe bet for the long run.

As the world looks for alternatives for electric energy, such as solar panels or nuclear fusion, quantum battery technology may present one solution for electric vehicles. In this article, our friends at Green explore how the innovative technology behind quantum batteries works, and its potential benefits.

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“Current battery technology is still not ideal for electric vehicles, as they lose capacity over time, get less range in extreme cold and hot environments, and the biggest problem possibly is considered to be the charging speeds.

Researchers looked at multiple ways to improve on charging times and they came to the conclusion that quantum technologies might actually help us achieve this goal.

Quantum battery technology appeared first in a paper published in 2012 by Alicki and Fannes, who suggested that through entanglement, the cells of the battery can be charged simultaneously, which would massively improve charging speeds.”

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