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Prague-based AI-Driven Digital Adoption Platform Secures $1.6M

Product Fruits Founders (Karel Papík & Lada Salom)
Image credit: Product Fruits Founders (Karel Papík & Lada Salom)
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In a nutshell

  • Product Fruits, Czech AI-driven digital adoption platform (DAP), has closed a second $1.6M funding round within a year.
  • Czech Reflex Capital is the sole investor in this round.


Their background story

Prague-based Product Fruits, founded in 2019 by Karel Papík and Ladislav Šalom, aims to act as an integrated layer within a website or app that can automatically create highly customisable user onboarding workflows. Their AI system evaluates the probability of client conversion, aiming to optimize sales team targeting processes.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and enterprise clients in the US market have become the main source of revenue for Product Fruits, closely followed by the European market. Main competitors in the field are Pendo and Whatfix, both based in the US.

In addition to funding AI development, the company plans to use the latest funding round to grow its team. 


In their own words

Ladislav Salom, co-founder of Product Fruits, shared: “Product Fruits is actively harnessing the game-changing power of AI for digital adoption solutions, and we’re doing it in a way that isn’t just for show. This funding round will make it possible for us to see the project through. Considering the downturn in funding across the tech industry, we also take this as a heartening endorsement of the success we’ve already had and the promise we’re demonstrating.”


Investor’s perspective

“We are thrilled to support Product Fruits in their journey. Their innovative use of AI aligns perfectly with our investment strategy, and we are confident in their ability to redefine the digital adoption landscape through AI-driven solutions,” said Roman Horacek, Partner at Reflex Capital.

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