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Czech Delta Green Powers Up with €2.2M for Household Energy Management

David Brožík, Prokop Čech, Lukáš Beneš, Jan Hicl (on a chair)
Image credit: David Brožík, Prokop Čech, Lukáš Beneš, Jan Hicl (on a chair), Source: Personal archive

In a nutshell

  • Czech energy tech startup Delta Green secured a €2.2M investment. 
  • The round was led by Tilia Impact Ventures, along with Credo Ventures and Purple Ventures
  • The funding will fuel the company’s expansion into Western Europe and help them scale up its sustainable energy management solution for households.


Their background story

Delta Green is a Czech energy company that aims to empower households to utilize electricity efficiently and responsibly. Established in 2008 as Nano Green under the Nano Energies group, the company rebranded as Delta Green in 2024. It is jointly owned by David Brozik, Prokop Cech, Lukas Benes and Jan Hicl.

Beyond energy provision, it offers automated solutions for managing electricity consumption and production. 

Its solution enables the integration of renewable energy sources (RES) into the grid while maintaining grid stability. The company is also focusing on including households, collectively forming a large virtual battery, into the grid balancing process. This approach includes managing both electricity consumption and production, as well as the strategic integration of households into grid balancing efforts.

This year, the company announced a successful pilot test that involved household participation in grid balancing.


The bigger picture

Power grids are essential to energy systems, playing a crucial role in the energy transition by facilitating the use of renewable energy sources.

According to McKinsey & Co., the transition to RES, coupled with economic growth, will likely cause electricity to grow rapidly. Power grids will need to expand to meet the increasing demand for electricity and renewable energy: to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, countries would need to double their investment in transmission lines and other infrastructure to €550B per year by 2030.


In their own words

“Our aim is to become a catalyst for innovation in household energy across Europe and this investment represents a significant step towards that vision,” explained Delta Green’s co-founder Jan Hicl.

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“As our initial move, we’re introducing the service to Czech households, aiming to aggregate tens of megawatts,” explains Delta Green’s co-founder David Brožík. 

The company estimates they’ll need about 200 households per megawatt.


Investor’s perspective

“In order to clean up the carbon footprint of our energy sector, we need more renewable sources on the grid. But wind and sun are unpredictable and this creates energy fluctuations which must be balanced out, ” said Andrew Gray, General Partner at Tilia Impact Ventures. 

“Delta Green has developed a low-cost solution to this problem, and we believe that this could be a key puzzle piece in enabling more renewable energy generation and lowering the cost of electricity for everyone. We’re excited to partner with them in taking this global, ” added Gray.


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