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Polish CampusAI Locks $10M Pre-Seed Funding to Develop AI Training Metaverse

Aureliusz Górski, CampusAI CEO and co-founder
Image credit: Aureliusz Górski, CampusAI CEO and co-founder
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In a Nutshell


  • Warsaw-based CampusAI secured $10M in pre-seed funding to develop a metaverse for learning AI skills, aiming to establish a virtual campus dedicated to AI training.
  • The investment came from angel investor Maciej Zientara.
  • The startup will utilize the new funding to develop its platform and expand into English and Spanish-speaking markets this year. 


Get the Details


CampusAI, founded in 2023 by Aureliusz Górski, focuses on building a platform aiming to help businesses and individuals use AI in a more efficient way. 

How does it work? Users can enter a virtual world where their avatars can attend classes, join meetings, and form communities. Moreover, users can customize their learning paths according to their experience levels.

The startup’s e-learning experience is informed by academic research, the company shared. Prof. Aleksandra Przegalińska, scientist and researcher of the collaborative AI trend, is a member of the CampusAI Program Council.

One of their next steps includes launching a startup accelerator programme, where AI companies could be built on CampusAI’s platform.


Why It Matters


Adecco Group’s annual global workforce study of more than 30K employees across 23 countries shows a 70% adoption rate of AI in the workplace.

About two-thirds of respondents said that they think AI skills will improve their career options and make them more employable. Additionally, over half (57%) expressed a need for their employer to offer the necessary training to acquire these skills.

This benefits not only the employees but also the company, as the cost of hiring a new employee can be up to seven times higher than the cost of upskilling a current one.


In Their Own Words


“We have the ambition to build the world’s largest generative development platform that will redefine how people and businesses use AI,” shared Aureliusz Górski, the company’s CEO and co-founder.

“CampusAI is much more than e-learning,” he adds. “It’s an ecosystem that combines education, community, and practical applications of AI”. 

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