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On May 27th DigitalK event will dive into the trends behind the new tech reality

On May 27th DigitalK event will dive into the trends behind the new tech reality,
Image credit: DigitalK 2021 Speakers, from top left to bottom right: Lubomila Jordanova, CEO and Co-founder of Plan A, Parsa Hosseini, Lead Data Scientist at Tesla Inc., Frank Thelen Founder and CEO of Freigeist Capital, Djamel Agaoua CEO of Rakuten Viber, Raycho Raychev Founder and CEO of EnduroSat, Lilia Messechkova VP, Enterprise Products at Progress
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On May 27th and 28th, LAUNCHub Ventures and Bulgarian business media Capital are bringing the eleventh DigitalK event to discuss the hottest trends that shaped the business world throughout the pandemic year. The event aims to answer the question – “What is next” in a world, where the online “new normal” and the old work ways intersect and mix to bring new dynamics in all industries. DigitalK is a combination of talks, discussions, and networking that aim to provide constructive information about the entrepreneurial world and the latest tech innovations.

Hot topics include: 

    • Communication – The business world quickly switched to operating online and poured a vast amount of resources into new work infrastructure; companies, relying on online interactions, flourished; what are the possibilities for disruptive innovation in the niche; 
    • Digitalization – The past year significantly accelerated the processes of automation and digitalization in both the public and private sectors, simplifying our daily lives. This led to the rise of cloud services and the growth of companies, specializing in cloud solutions, data storage, and visualization. How does this change the innovation ecosystem?
    • Cybersecurity – In a reality where consumer data, electoral voice, and personal welfare can be influenced more easily than ever, what does the future hold and can tech innovations serve the community anytime soon?
    • Entrepreneurship –  The negative implications of the pandemic are inevitable, yet, for one thing, the crisis demonstrated the strong sides of the Bulgarian entrepreneurial ecosystem. Startuppers and corporates united to close a number of investments while organizing social and entrepreneurial initiatives, demonstrating the skills and knowledge of a more mature ecosystem. Is the startup craze subsiding and what are the trends in Europe and SEE?
    • 5G – 5G technology has finally been prioritized by telecoms all over the world.  Telecommunication giants are already ahead with developing infrastructure and installing equipment, but there is a lot of work to be done. This next-generation change is not only dependent on technology, but also on governments, consumers, and businesses.
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Key speakers: Among the presenters are well-known professionals such as Djamel Agaoua, CEO of Rakuten Viber, Frank Thelen, Founder and CEO of European VC Freigeist Capital, and Ivan Osmak, CEO and Co-founder of Gtmhub. 

Headliners are Parsa Hosseini, Lead Data Scientist at Tesla Inc., Christopher Lynch, CEO at AtScaleAtScale, and Raycho Raychev, Founder and CEO at EnduroSat.

Apart from giving the scene to lead data scientists, entrepreneurs, and managers, the DigitalK conference will also challenge them to share their insights about innovation in the Post-COVID world.

Hybrid event: The event will be hybrid, combining online broadcasting from the virtual studio Krivina Hub with a limited number of physical seats. Stressing on the importance of networking in a reality where people are often physically distanced, the event will also feature a live meeting during its second day. Lecturers and partners of DigitalK will gather between 5.30 pm and 8.30 pm at the University Botanical Garden at 49, Moskovska Str. in Sofia. The live event will be available to the first 100 participants who buy a hybrid ticket.

Giveaway: As a media partner, The Recursive will be giving away 5 digital tickets for the conference. Stay tuned for the giveaway announcement on our social media channels.

+++More information about the event can be found here.+++

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Viktoria is an Innovation Reporter at The Recursive and a sophomore-standing student at the American University in Bulgaria. Combining her Business Administration studies while mapping the Southeastern European startup ecosystem is a positive-sum game for her as she has the chance to interact with the most active entrepreneurs in the region. Her favorite topics include venture capital structures, investments, as well as innovations in the scitech and fintech sectors.