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Next Consult and C4 Nexus Join Forces to Offer Global Commerce Capabilities to Companies in CEE

commerce partnership between Next Consult and C4 Nexus
Image credit: Orlin Dochev, Managing Partner of Next Consult; Emil Vuchkov, Partner, Customer Experience and Marketing Automation at Next Consult; Georgi Zapryanov, Managing Partner at C4 Nexus; Canva
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Next 4 Commerce is the new joint venture of Next Consult, a market leader in digital and business consultancy, and C4 Nexus, a fast-growing Salesforce Commerce Cloud start-up. Next4Commerce will serve Bulgarian and international clients to help them transform their digital commerce capabilities. This joint venture will allow Next Consult to expand its business operations covering the entire portfolio of Salesforce Products: B2B and B2C Commerce, Marketing, Sales, Service, and Business Intelligence. C4Nexus’s experience in implementing and supporting global brands on Salesforce Commerce Cloud will become available to companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

Next Consult and C4 Nexus aim to become the one-stop shop for the digital transformation of every part of a company’s business. This partnership will play a significant role in the business software market and will lead to a change in vendors’ ranking allocation and overall market share in CEE.

The new company will help clients in implementing innovative technologies to digitize all their processes. “In short, now we are truly offering a digital transformation from A to Z with software Nr. 1 in the world”, highlights Emil Vuchkov, Director, Marketing Automation and E-commerce at Next Consult. Georgi Zapryanov, Managing Partner at C4 Nexus adds: “We are excited to be able to offer the know-how we gained with leading global businesses in digital commerce to organizations in CEE.”

The joint venture will combine Next Consult’s 12+ years of experience in business and digital transformation for over 200 clients, and for the past 9, specializing in implementing Salesforce solutions with C4 Nexus teams’ 14+ years of experience in developing e-commerce solutions for its clients and helping the growth of 3 of the top 5 most successful Salesforce Commerce Cloud clients globally.

Focus on E-commerce

In the past few years, E-commerce has become a key sales channel for companies in all industries. This trend was accelerated by the Covid-19 lockdowns. The sales platforms help companies increase sales volume and reduce costs. A key aspect of developing a B2B or B2C commerce platform is the customer experience it provides. Businesses have realized that people buy from people and that excellent customer experience is extremely important for building customer loyalty. Implementing platforms like Salesforce increases profitability.

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“Salesforce has been leading the E-commerce solutions business for many years and is the Number 1 software, acknowledged by Gartner, Forbes, IDC, etc. in the same way as it is recognized as a leader in Marketing, Sales, and Service. E-commerce was the only missing part of our Salesforce portfolio, and it was important to add this to our offering”, says Vuchkov.

“We believe that with our extensive Salesforce Commerce Cloud experience with global brands from Asia, Europe, and the Americas, we can contribute to the digitalization of B2B and B2C sales for companies and be a leader in the region in offering such solutions”, explains Georgi Zapryanov, Managing Partner at C4 Nexus.

The first step of the company’s journey starts with a specialized e-commerce webinar „The New e-Commerce Trendsetters“ (B2B, Headless, Marketplace), in Bulgaria and Romania, which will be held on November 15 (Tuesday) at 3 pm CET. Registration is open, and the event is free of charge: the-new-e-commerce-trendsetters

The decision to combine forces between Next Consult and C4 Nexus came naturally. Both Emil and Georgi recognize their new partner as a leader in their domain, and in providing Salesforce’s solutions. They also highlight the good bond they have between the two teams.

“This partnership should allow us to become an indisputable leader in digital transformation, not only in our region but in CEE in the mid-term”, Emil Vuchkov highlights. Next Consult is a well-established and successful Salesforce consulting partner and reseller. The digital and business transformation consultancy has an extensive background in implementing management practices and optimizing business processes, designing, and implementing different business software solutions such as ERP, CRM, BI, RPA, etc.

For over a decade, the team behind C4 Nexus has specialized in building and managing Salesforce Commerce Cloud-based solutions and has fueled the growth of 3 of the top 5 most successful Salesforce Commerce Cloud clients of all time.

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Next 4 Commerce will be managed by two experienced professionals – Emil Vuchkov, Director, Marketing Automation and E-commerce at Next Consult, and Georgi Zapryanov, Managing Partner at C4 Nexus. Emil has more than 15 years of experience in the field of finance and marketing. He played a fundamental role in developing the team and expertise of Next Consult in the marketing automation domain. Georgi has 14 years of experience in managing global teams and delivering complex solutions for clients like Adidas, Disney, Coca-Cola, Walmart, and Clarins.

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