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Fresh Data About Romania’s IT&C Industry: ANIS Presents Its New Study and Awards the Change-Makers

Fresh Data About Romania’s IT&C Industry: ANIS Presents Its New Study and Awards the Change-Makers,
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The Romanian IT&C industry has reached new milestones, with a turnover of €20B in 2022 and a notable surge in employment during the same period.

This is the data presented in the study titled “Software and ICT Services in Romania,” commissioned by the Employers’ Association of the Software and Services Industry (ANIS) at their International Summit & Gala Award 2024.

The report underscores the IT sector’s substantial impact on Romania’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), accounting for 14.2% in 2021, considering both direct, indirect, and induced effects on the economy, with a direct impact contributing 7.99% to GDP.

The study further reveals that custom software development activities dominate the sector, followed by wireless telecommunications and information technology consulting. This growth trend extends across all subsectors of the IT industry.

Corina Vasile, executive director of ANIS, highlighted the industry’s burgeoning reputation in international markets. Romanian IT firms have gained recognition for their delivery of innovative solutions and expertise in managing large-scale projects, solidifying their position on the global stage.

“It’s hard to sell consultancy from Romania on the international, developed markets. Our predecessors did a good job at building the country’s IT brand.”

Besides creating the context for discussion, the event also served as a platform to acknowledge outstanding achievements in various categories within the IT industry. There were 8 prizes awarded across various categories from a pool of 85 applicants, with an additional 2 prizes awarded to ANIS members.


Winners of the 10 Categories


Startup of the Year: Bonapp emerged victorious, showcasing its impact on fighting food waste. Other finalists were FlowX and Ogre AI.

Education Program of the Year: The “A.E.R – the Alliance for Remedial Education”, a project of, Kinderpedia, LIVRESQ și Magic Schoolof received accolades for its collaborative efforts. Other finalists were Eviden Technologies Romania and VoxiKids – Easy Speech.

Software Product of the Year: Adobe Romania’s “Adobe Express”  took the prize for the category. Other finalists were Finqware, Kinderpedia, and RepsMate Software.

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Innovation of the Year: .lumen‘s “Spatial Navigation A.I. through Glasses for the Blind” was praised for its problem-solving capabilities. Other finalists were Adobe Romania and Kinderpedia.

R&D Project of the Year: .lumen’s “Spatial Navigation AI through glasses for the blind” was also awarded for its innovation. Other finalists were Eviden TECHNOLOGIES and Quarks Interactive.

ESG Program of the Year: Societe Generale Global Solution Center’s “ESG Practice” received recognition for its contributions to environmental, social, and governance initiatives. Other finalists were GlobalLogic Romania and VoxiKids.

Outsourcing Project of the Year: Qualysoft’s “Indonesia Digital Tax Administration System” won the category, thanks to its complexity and impact. Other finalists included mReady and

Company of the Year: AROBS Group emerged as the winner among 14 applications, recognized for its excellence and leadership. Other finalists included Adservio, DENDRIO Solutions, and SeedBlink.

Additionally, the gala honored the Member of the Year, with SeedBlink recognized for its contributions to ANIS activities. The Best Personal Contribution award went to Madalin Staniu, Founder and Managing Partner of Black Bullet, for his dedication to advancing the association’s objectives.

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