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Where will CEE VCs spend their summer? Meet them at SummerSaas 2022 and pitch your ideas

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Startup founders, it’s pitching season. So, put on your sunglasses and prepare to meet some VCs from Emerging Europe. They will all gather at the third SummerSaaS conference that will take place on the 9th of June, 2022 online. The event is organized by Flashpoint, the international technology investment group with a focus on software firms with established business models in Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltics, Finland and Israel. Flashpoint handles venture capital, debt, and secondary funds with around $500 million in assets under management.

SummerSaaS aims to to bring together early-stage venture communities and seed stage SaaS startups from Central and Eastern Europe, Finland, and Israel. This year, the event will consist of 5 tracks, 20+ investors, 25 startups and 1000+ guests. It features a pitching competition, where the goal is to find the best seed companies and provide them with the chance to pitch top-tier seed and late-stage investors. 

“This is a unique opportunity for founders to present to a diverse group of venture capitalists from Emerging Europe & Israel and to boost visibility,” shares Anton Fedorov, Partner at Flashpoint Venture Capital.

SummerSaaS 2022 – what can founders expect?

This year, the event was taken to the next level, from a pitch competition to a VC conference with 3 parallel sets of sessions. There will be an investment forum gathering angels, VCs, and other investors. 

SaaS startup founders expected to apply to the program should have a monthly recurring revenue between $10k and $100k, and/or have raised between $0.3M and $3M.

25 startups will be selected to pitch to a VC jury of leading European and Global VC, with one winner from each of the 5 tracks progressing to the final. From the 5 finalists, one will be picked as the winner.

A new pitch track for tech startups based in Ukraine will also be held this year, and the winner will receive a monetary award. Additionally, this year Flashpoint provides guests with the option to purchase a paid ticket, with all proceeds donated to the winner of the this track 

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Meanwhile, pitch sessions remain an opportunity for founders to find a potential investor, while the corporate panels are to see where they invest and find out more about the technologies they are looking for. Next to the event, there will also be an open networking lounge.

What insights will be shared during the conference?

The expected tracks during the event will include 6 pitching sessions for seed/late seed startups in:

  • Vertical SaaS track with speakers from Portfolion, Inventure, Credo Ventures, Superhero Capital and LAUNCHub Ventures
  • Horizontal SaaS track with speakers from BrightCap Ventures, FilRouge, SpeedInvest, 500 startups, and GR Capital
  • Developer Tools track with speakers from Inovo Venture Partners, Early Game Ventures, Presto, and Dell Capital
  • New economy track with speakers from Day One Capital, Lighthouse Ventures, South Central Ventures, 3VC, and Cherry Ventures
  • Fintech pitch track with speakers from Market One Capital, UNIQA Ventures, Venture Friends, Oktogon VC, and OTB Ventures
  • Tech startups operating in Ukraine with speakers from Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (UVCA), SMOK VC, and Vendep

You can find more about the schedule of the event here.

You can register for the event here or submit your pitch deck here.

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