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MainaTech & The Future of Work/Ailyak – stories of innovation, education and entrepreneurship at Maina Town Weekend

MainaTech at Maina Town event
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The Recursive, Storytelling Studio and Maina Town will ring the first bell for a special half-day event on September 16 at the Bishop’s Basilica in Plovdiv.

MainaTech & The Future of Work/Ailyak will bring together the paths of ancient traditions and future innovations. It will combine the incompatible – work and leisure, and will immerse you in a program covering technology, education, entrepreneurship, while exploring the Hero’s Path between cobblestones, hills and ancient ruins.

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What does the bell ring for

The agenda will focus on business innovations, education and youth entrepreneurship programs. Students and entrepreneurship clubs from the American University in Bulgaria, Plovdiv University and Technical University will take the stage and present their innovative projects and initiatives. Teenovator, the program in which mentors help students to start their own businesses, will present their program for creating startups in Bulgarian schools and showcase a number of their successful projects.

Innovators and representatives of successful companies will discuss the impact of innovation and new technologies in our daily lives, and what the future of work and innovations will look like. The Recursive’s Storytelling Studio and Invest Sofia will engage the collective intelligence of the audience in an interactive discussion about the Hero’s Path, in which the attendees will cast their vote for the advantages and challenges of the Bulgarian ecosystem.

MainaTech & The Future Of Work/Ailyak is free to attend with a limited capacity. You can reserve your spot at the following link.

Maina Town Weekend

On the weekend of September 15-17, residents and guests of the city of Plovdiv will immerse themselves in the first Maina Town Weekend. The event will cover initiatives spread on five different locations to present the town’s people and culture. For the past two and a half years, these columns have featured local artists, writers, musicians and entrepreneurs.

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United into five leading themes, a series of events will take place over three consecutive days that will meet urban people with innovators, athletes, bio and green activists, artists, representatives of urban and modern culture, gamers, musicians and more. and more.

“We created the Maina Town magazine so we can share the joy from the accomplishments of the numerous talented people who are making our lives better and colourful. The format and language of a comic edition allows our stories to be accessible and entertaining for people of all ages and walks of life”, shared with us Todor Popov, co-founder of Maina Town.

All events during Maina Town Weekend are free to attend. There will be a shuttle connecting the 5 quarters with events’ locations.

Organised with the support of Plovdiv 2019 and the Bishop’s Basilica of Philippopolis.

Supported by Invest Sofia, Commerzbank, Cooolbox, Scalefocus.

Media partners: BNR Plovdiv, How2Plovdiv, Pod Tepeto, Darik Radio, BG Radio, BNT, WebGround,, Traffic News, Plovdiv-Online,, Katra FM,,,, Special Partner: Rakuten Viber

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