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From Blockchain Architects To Skilled Marketers… These Are the Most Sought After Jobs in Web3

companies and startups in the Southeast Europe region and elsewhere are actively looking for talent that can work on many new and exciting projects and take on jobs in the web3 domain, expected to be worth a whooping $81 billion by 2032.
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As the web3 market grows exponentially, it needs more skilled people to work on it. Therefore, companies and startups in the Southeast Europe region and elsewhere are actively looking for talent that can work on many new and exciting projects and take on jobs in the web3 domain, expected to be worth a whooping $81 billion by 2032.

Most of the time, the skills required in these jobs include programming languages like Python and Java, as well as Metaverse knowledge. Developers and software engineers are especially in high demand, with blockchain knowledge and skills becoming crucial for finding a job in the field.

“People who thrive and are in demand have several solid years of experience in web2 and have switched to web3. Languages mostly sought after include JavaScript (+ React framework) or Python or Rust as base languages for building dapps and protocols,” Ivan Pavicic, engineering manager at Croatia-based blockchain development agency Shard Labs, tells The Recursive.

Those with a theoretical understanding of how Web3 works have an additional advantage on the market. 

“Good theoretical understanding of how Web3 works is a huge plus, and Solidity is number 1 for smart contract development. People who know Zero-Knowledge proof theory or have hands-on experience are also becoming in demand, as we are seeing the growth of these protocols,” Pavicic adds. 

However, aside from these types of jobs, there are also many non-tech jobs that are in-demand, especially on the marketing side. 

In this article we’ll take a look at what are some of the hottest jobs in the web3 market right now, recommended by web3 and blockchain themselves, and posted by different web startups on different job boards.


Web3 software engineers are highly sought after by companies who want to build their own blockchain or decentralized apps, which requires knowing a lot of programming languages such as Python, Java, Solidity and others. Software developers will also be responsible for developing and testing software solutions which are going to be used in the web3 domain. One example are Solidity developers, who work with smart contracts on Ethereum-based applications.

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Blockchain architects

Blockchain is the backbone of web3, and blockchain architects are needed for designing the security and architecture of various blockchain systems and implementing them in web3 projects. They are also responsible for researching and testing various blockchain technologies, the design of core protocols and tokens, and also for components that are integrating different blockchain systems. 

Developer relations

Web3 developer communities are crucial for the development of its ecosystem and therefore their voice needs to be represented at every level within the different key ecosystem players. A head of developer relations would do just that and ensure that all efforts created towards the developer and dev community are coordinated with the objectives of the different startups active in the domain. Since many web3 startups are developer-focused, the role can also add value and help create a distinct developer culture within the web3 community.

Community managers

Community managers are responsible for managing themed social media channels such as Discord for example, moderating comments, and providing customer service to people who use their product or service. Basically, they are in charge of creating and cultivating different web3 communities and all of their members, raising awareness about specific brands, promoting new projects and addressing various issues and challenges regarding customer service. 


Web3 marketers need to be experts at the latest trends in the industry and be able to communicate effectively with customers, and to work on different marketing strategy for various platforms like social media channels, blogs, websites and so on. Since the web3 environment aims to enhance user experience by providing more interactive advertising, this represents a tremendous opportunity for marketers to use their creativity to create ads and marketing campaigns.

Business development

Having in mind that the web3 market is constantly expanding, those working in the business development would primarily be working on developing partnerships within the DeFi, crypto and NFT ecosystems, creating new market initiatives and executing different partnership strategies and identifying potential partners within these ecosystems.

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Social media managers 

Social media managers would be responsible for managing and growing engagement on platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Discord, and others, while showcasing their knowledge and experience in crypto and blockchain technologies, NFTs, DeFi, gaming and so on. 

Content writers

Content writers are also in high demand, especially those who can produce content on blockchain and Web3 topics, while promoting their company’s products or services on different platforms, while also educating communities about the different crypto, DeFi and Blockchain ecosystem.

Cybersecurity analysts

An ever-expanding ecosystem such as web3 will also require experts that will take care ofvarious security threats and vulnerabilities and this is where startups and companies will require cybersecurity analysts. Their role is primarily focused on detecting and deterring potential risks and developing best practices, policies, standards and procedures for dealing with such threats.

Our list is just a part of the exciting opportunities that the web3 ecosystem offers so give us a shout if you think we have missed other key positions or future jobs for the web3 world. 

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