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Making a Sustainable Impact: How Beetroot’s GreenTech Campaign Inspires Meaningful Work

Making a Sustainable Impact: How Beetroot’s GreenTech Campaign Inspires Meaningful Work,
Image credit: Natalia Pyantkovska, Business Analyst at Beetroot, and Nikita Tkachov, Chief Delivery Officer at Beetroot; Canva.
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The impact of human activity on our planet is one of the most pressing issues facing humanity. Green technology has the potential to help address this issue by minimizing CO2 pollution, cleaning the oceans, protecting nature, and saving resources. Beetroot, a people-centered tech company, believes that technology can be a force for good and strives to create meaningful work on projects that make the world a better place.

With an international team of over 500 colleagues in four European countries, Beetroot’s mission is to create a sustainable impact at scale. To achieve this mission, the company collaborates with GreenTech companies that share their commitment to creating a better tomorrow.

To showcase the exciting opportunities available in the GreenTech industry and highlight how these projects can have a real-world impact, Beetroot has launched its GreenTech campaign. The campaign comes at a time when the environmental tech sector is booming, with a projected $10.1 trillion in environmental tech revenues by 2030, and a $59 billion ClimateTech investment in 2022. To meet the demand for sustainable tech solutions, the industry needs approximately 200-300 green unicorns and decacorns by 2030, and over 1.3 million CleanTech talents are needed by the same year.

“The Greentech domain is showing steady growth over the past few years. It was not hit by the recession much, and many early-stage startups are still securing investments even in the current market. Most of the applications I’ve been working on are connected to solar energy, distribution, and client-facing applications, with graphs showing consumption levels, etc. It is an exciting sphere due to the combination of two factors 1) Sustainability and making the world a better place, 2) a stable market with an attractive financial state,” highlights Nikita Tkachov, Chief Delivery Officer at Beetroot. By actively engaging with the GreenTech industry and promoting sustainability in their projects, Beetroot aims to make a significant impact on the world while providing meaningful work for their employees.

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Tech for good

Through the GreenTech campaign, Beetroot hopes to inspire developers to make a positive difference in the world by working on projects that have a real-world impact. The campaign aims to demonstrate that the GreenTech industry offers a meaningful and rewarding career path for developers passionate about creating a sustainable future for all.

As part of the campaign, Beetroot has developed the HomЕnergy mobile app to showcase its expertise in building sustainable solutions. Homeenergy is a B2C software solution that promotes sustainable practices by helping homeowners manage their electricity usage more efficiently and sustainably. The app provides an overview of a home’s electricity usage per specific period and smart device, enabling more precise consumption monitoring and calculation. It also displays power usage by particular home appliances for a specified period and allows users to control their smart devices through the app.

The Homenergy app is built using NodeJS, React, React Native, JavaScript, and UX/UI. The R&D team uses Expo SDK to build the initial version of the mobile app. It’s a platform to create native iOS and Android apps using JavaScript and React Native and distribute them via the Expo app. Depending on the specific requirements of an IoT device, the app will use appropriate IoT connection protocols such as MQTT, AMQP, or HTTP to facilitate communication.

Advancing Developer Skills Through Access to Cutting-Edge Technology

By working on HomЕnergy and other meaningful GreenTech projects, the Beetroot team has a lot of professional growth opportunities, access to cutting-edge technology, and a flexible work environment.

Developers at Beetroot have access to the latest technology, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve in their field and enhance their skills. The company’s commitment to using advanced technology also means that engineers have the opportunity to work on challenging projects that require innovative solutions.

“Finding a responsible and qualified development team is extremely important for companies and startups in the GreenTech industry. This field combines the latest innovations with strict government regulation, so long-term success also requires IT consulting. Beetroot is a reliable technology partner for many influential GreenTech companies. We help our partners achieve their goals and create a better future. Our team is always ready to develop a customized solution for you, using our own expertise and R&D research,” – says project Business Analyst Natalia Pyantkovska.

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Making a Sustainable Impact: How Beetroot’s GreenTech Campaign Inspires Meaningful Work,

Beetroot’s workplace culture is highly collaborative and values continuous learning. The company encourages transparency, openness, and idea-sharing among developers to find the best solutions for their clients. Additionally, Beetroot places a strong emphasis on sustainability, evident in its green tech campaign and commitment to reducing its environmental impact.

The company also provides a flexible work environment, allowing developers to work in a way that suits their individual needs and promotes a positive work-life balance.

In conclusion, GreenTech is an increasingly important and exciting industry that offers a meaningful and rewarding career path for developers passionate about creating a sustainable future for all. Through its GreenTech campaign and commitment to sustainability, Beetroot is leading the charge in building technology for good. By joining the Beetroot team, developers have the opportunity to work on meaningful projects, access cutting-edge technology, and contribute to creating a better tomorrow. If you are a developer who wants to make a real-world impact and advance your skills, consider joining Beetroot and become part of a community that is dedicated to building a more sustainable future.

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