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UiPath-Rooted Kubeark Raises $2.8M Pre-Seed to SaaSify Software Products and Reach for the Clouds

The Kubeark founding team
Image credit: The Kubeark founding team, personal archives x Canva
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•    Kubeark, a NY-headquartered company with offices in Bucharest and UiPath alumni in the team, raised $2.8m in a pre-seed round led by Credo Ventures, and joined by Seedcamp, LAUNCHub Ventures, 500 Emerging Europe, and others.

•    The company’s platform powers scalable, rapid, and compliant SaaSification and software lifecycle management, helping software providers deploy products to the cloud in record time and integrate application management into their business processes. 

•    With the new funds, Kubeark plans to advance and scale the adoption of its technology by accelerating platform development and forming a strong network of global partners.


As the post-pandemic context has been forcing software vendors to add flexible cloud strategies and take control of mission critical workloads and data management, they were faced with the challenge of managing the complexity of hybrid cloud environments.

In April 2022, Kubeark ushered into the picture, recognizing the need for an automation-driven approach to cloud management and deployment. 

“We are thrilled to back the stellar team at Kubeark and partner them in their quest to revolutionize cloud management with well-designed automation. It’s a moment of opportunity for SaaS products catering to processes optimization and cost-cutting, and confident that Kubeark has all that it takes to innovate and lead in this space,” LAUNCHub Venture’s Todor Breshkov shares with The Recursive.

Kubeark offers an open, infrastructure-agnostic platform that helps software vendors effortlessly deploy, manage, and scale applications on any type of infrastructure, from private or public cloud to on-premises, for both open and closed systems. As a result according to the company, vendors achieve efficient operational performance, improve the customer experience, hyper-scale distribution, and SaaSify any software product in an instant. 

The startup is powered by a six-strong founding team, which included Bogdan Nedelcov (CEO) and Teofil Harapcea (CTO), and which brings experience from top companies such as automation market leader UiPath, Google, SAP, Oracle, MAC, and Citi.

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“Almost every SaaS company struggles to deploy and manage different infrastructures for their customers, either battling with a do-it-yourself approach or pushing a one-size-fits-all approach, leaving billions of dollars on the table”, said Enis Hulli, a General Partner at 500 Emerging Europe, adding: “We were immediately impressed with the Kubeark team and believe that they are uniquely positioned to wrap business logic around a Kubernetes as a service offering, tapping a nascent space and an unserved market that can create trillions of dollars in value for their customers.”


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