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JAB is looking for innovation companies to help young people kickstart their professional development

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Giving students the opportunity to get to know the world of business from the inside can positively impact their development with useful entrepreneurial knowledge. Junior Achievement Bulgaria , a leading educational organization providing innovative education to students of all ages, has announced its “Manager for a Day” 2022 edition that will take place on May 10. The event will be held online in order to reach more students. However, companies are free to invite selected participants to their physical offices, provided that COVID-19-related safety measures are in place.

Last year, the initiative received more than 1000 applications and placed around 700 students across various institutions and businesses. This year’s edition focuses on team strengthening and the importance of each team member for the overall success of the team.

The registration for the 2022 edition is now open. All companies or institutions that want to take part can register by March 31, 2022. Students can apply for participation by April 21, 2022.

The Recursive team is excited to announce its participation in the initiative of Junior Achievement Bulgaria. We invite the next inspiring digital leaders to learn first-hand about the constantly-evolving entrepreneurial ecosystem in Southeast Europe. The Recursive will open the positions of Editor in Chief and Chief Growth Officer for students to explore and experience a day in a buzzing newsroom.

“Manager for a Day” in a nutshell

Over the years, “Manager for a Day” has successfully turned into the most scalable career orientation program in the Balkans. Hundreds of students have had opportunities to start their professional development and gain insights into the real business world. This year, the initiative invites companies and institutions in Bulgaria to open their offices to 3-5 young people, allowing them to grasp the specificities of their internal work processes.

Encouraging the participants to work in a team is expected to produce high-quality results, also due to the diversity in participants’ age, place of residence, as well as academic and professional background. The program aims to inspire and actively support the development of a vibrant, conscious, and entrepreneurial generation. Many of the young people involved could join their host companies or start businesses of their own at a later stage.

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