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Humans raises €7.6 million in crypto to further advance synthetic media through blockchain and AI innovations

Photo from the company website
Image credit: Photo from the company website
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Humans announced a new financing round of €7.6 million through the private sale of cryptocurrency. Main investors included entrepreneur and active crypto investor Razvan Munteanu and Elrond Research, the investment business of the renowned blockchain company. Back in June, The Recursive was reporting the latest innovations of Humans, the blockchain-built platform using AI innovations to create synthetic media. After raising 330K to develop its Digital Genome, they launched Proof-of-Human, a biometrics feature that increases platform security by validating human decisions. 

Using blockchain and AI innovations to create digital identities

Humans is a deep-tech startup based in Romania, working on innovative technology through which it builds unique AI models. The main focus is to create and manage Digital Genomes, which incorporate elements such as human voice, image, and gestures, to then develop digital, synthetic “actors”. 

Applications of synthetic media vary wildly. For instance, content creators can produce audio and video content that includes AI-generated narrators or celebrity endorsements without requiring their physical presence. Another advantage is cutting costs otherwise invested in hiring a team of camera operators, video editors, and presenters.

Businesses such as production studios and ad agencies will be able to access Digital Genomes by licensing the application programming interface (API). They will thus be able to create personalized media and adapt AI-models in one platform. Moreover, anyone can create and then license and monetize their unique Digital Genome.

“Innovators can publish and monetize their AI technologies in a ready to sell environment that handles data management, integration, and the sales process,” Sabin Dima, CEO of Humans explains.

Behind Humans, there is an ultra-specialized team of computer vision doctoral programmers, international Olympics, and software veterans. 

With the new funds, the company plans to further invest in developing the innovations behind the platform: Our plan is to continue our investment in innovation so that we can allow anyone to create anything they can imagine, without any constraints on time, space, budget or skills, combining blockchain technology and AI. We will do everything based on governance and transparency for all AI models generated on the platform,” said Sabin Dima.

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Investors are also confident of the multitude of opportunities awaiting at the intersection of blockchain technology and AI innovations. “We are pleased to support the Humans initiative to create technologies and products that will expand people’s ability to express themselves, cooperate and trade creatively,” mentions Beniamin Mincu, CEO of Elrond, in the press release.

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