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How to Web’s Sofia Meetup 2023: Strengthening the Synergies between Bulgaria and Romania and the CEE Startup Ecosystem

How to Web’s Sofia Meetup 2023: Strengthening the Synergies between Bulgaria and Romania and the CEE Startup Ecosystem,
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Even if you are not a believer in numerology, June 21st is considered a special date. Why? It’s the summer solstice, of course, which marks the longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere – carrying the memories of harvesting celebrations, the power of life and femininity, and the official beginning of the astronomical summer.

However, we believe in something more powerful than pagan seasonal celebrations: the power of entrepreneurship that can light up the entire EE (Eastern Europe) region. That’s why another reason to celebrate June 21st is How to Web’s Sofia Meetup that will take place on that day – strengthening the synergies between Bulgaria and Romania.

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How to Web Keeps Building Bridges Between Bulgaria and Romania

How to Web powers the anticipated Sofia Meetup 2023 experience, scheduled for June 21st at CampusX, Sofia. This is a step towards building new bridges between the two countries, and no, we are not talking about the Friendship Bridge between Ruse and Giurgiu or the New Europe Bridge connecting Vidin and Calafat.

The meetup is open to anyone who’s passionate about contributing to the development of products and services powered by the latest tech innovations. This way, the event will allow like-minded tech aficionados to network, share insights on making communities thrive, and enjoy the innovation energy in the region at the zenith of its powers. Prominent speakers include Maya Zlatanova, CEO and Co-founder at FindMeCure, Irina Obushtarova, CEO and Co-founder at The Recursive, and Marius Istrate, Investor at 3VC and ex-UiPath. The meetup will be in an intimate format, with up to 100 attendees in the tech industry, so book your seat now – the event is free of charge.

The best aspect is that you can also steal the spotlight because, on the event agenda, there is a special time slot for the anticipated Product Demo session – where Bulgarian startups can present their products in front of an audience of seasoned founders, investors, and other industry professionals, and receive live feedback. This session is more than exciting for startups as product demos give proof of how a product works and boost the appeal of its value and also help startups connect with stakeholders and get immediate feedback. On top of that, product demo sessions help founders polish their presentation skills and boost team morale. Just don’t forget to fill out the open application in order to bring your tech demo to live.

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Let’s not forget that under the motto “Keep Building,” How to Web Conference is connecting like-minded professionals in the region, building a bright web of startups, entrepreneurs, and innovators. Though the 12th edition of the conference will take place on October 4-5th at the Face Convention Center in Bucharest, in just a couple of weeks from now, #builders of change who happen to be in Sofia will get the unique chance to get inspired and inspire at the same time, strengthening the synergies between Bulgaria and Romania.

Harvesting the Synergy Between Bulgaria and Romania

Always coupled together – from joining the EU in 2007 and being paired by the tabloid press to discussing their Schengen membership – Bulgaria and Romania have a mixed relationship dating from a long time ago. However, the countries share something more valuable: startup ecosystems that are leading the path toward innovation in EE.

So let’s talk about numbers again, not numerology. With 230+ startups per capita in Bulgaria and 150+ in Romania, the two countries are among the top places as per startup density, where VC funding is also increasing significantly, according to a 2022 Deal Room report. In fact, Bulgaria ($903M) and Romania ($1.2B), along with Greece ($1.1B), are making up over 70% of the entire SEE ecosystem enterprise value.

Given their thriving startup ecosystems, Bulgaria and Romania can easily join forces and illuminate the significance of entrepreneurship in the EE region and help more ventures grow – something How to Web advocates for.

So if you are also ready to harvest the synergy between these two unique ecosystems, join us at How to Web’s Sofia Meetup 2023 and become a #builder of change. Just don’t forget to register on the dedicated page because seats are limited.

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