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How companies around the world are electrifying planes and ships

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Last week, we were telling you about how advances in quantum battery technology could supercharge the future of electric cars, as reported by the Romanian sustainability-focused online publication, Green This and other innovations in the electric vehicle industry aim to offer a sustainable alternative for the transportation sector, in the face of increased pressure to abandon fossil fuels, the biggest source of CO2 emissions.

To further decarbonize the transportation sector, researchers are also looking at the aviation industry, which is responsible for 12% of all transportation emissions, as well as the shipping industry, which accounts for another 13% of emissions in the sector. One answer could be found in the same battery technologies that are powering electric vehicles.

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“According to CleanTehnica, researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) are working on bringing the same battery-powering technologies to aircrafts and ships, which could have huge benefits for the environment, as well as reduce noise and save money.

Jesse Bennett, NREL engineer and electric technology analyst, said that “battery powered airplanes and ferries are looking increasingly attractive for certain applications. But we have to think carefully about operational requirements, as well as a range of questions about charging infrastructure, grid integration, policy and regulatory requirements, noise, and emissions impacts.”

NREL is conducting studies regarding the implementation of battery powered planes and ferries in Colorado and North Carolina, which if proven viable, could have huge benefits worldwide.

Efforts to greenify aviation and shipping transport are happening in Europe as well, since The European Green Hydrogen Acceleration Center is one of the institutions that supports projects who are developing green hydrogen in order to build up a solid supply chain.”

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