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How AI Is Reshaping the Workforce With Strategic Investor Ivaylo Slavov

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In today’s special episode, we’re breaking away from the norm to revisit some of our most memorable conversations and catch up with our guests to see where life has taken them since.

Our guest for today is none other than Ivaylo Slavov, a veteran in Bulgaria’s IT industry. Last time we spoke, his company BULPROS had recently merged with the German giant ec4u, forming DIGITALL and setting ambitious goals to lead the digital cloud services market in the US.

Fast forward almost two years and Ivaylo Slavov has traded his CEO hat for that of an investor, diving into projects at the intersection of AI and HR. After 13 years at the helm, he reflects on the transition, marked by international travels, and reevaluation of life priorities.

Ivaylo shares his decision to step away from operational duties, focusing instead on providing advisory support to tech startups.

He unveils his involvement in four impactful projects:

  • Transforming Easy Consult into a flexible workforce service provider;
  • Supporting Team Schedule’s shift management software, which addresses scheduling and resource challenges;
  • Work Talent, a modern job board, aiming to streamline hiring processes and better match candidates with employers;
  • Vibe Jobs, tackling the challenge of connecting non-digital workers to job opportunities through a chatbot-based job board within Viber. The emphasis is on simplifying the application process for those with limited access to digital platforms.

In his role as a strategic investor, Ivaylo Slavov emphasizes his active contribution to strategic development, market penetration, and mission validation.

The conversation delves into the evolving impact of AI on the workforce. While noting positive effects for senior knowledge workers, they acknowledge challenges for low-qualified workers, underlining the crucial need for strategic thinking and addressing security concerns in the realm of AI.

Join us on this insightful journey as we unravel Ivaylo Slavov’s post-CEO ventures and explore the ever-changing landscape of AI and HR.

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*The Recursive Podcast is excited to announce that this episode is released in partnership with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. As part of their mandate to support small and medium-sized businesses, The EBRD’s SME Finance and Development Team provides knowledge, network, and skills to help emerging businesses innovate, thrive, and succeed.

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