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Google Europe Accelerator is looking for HealthTech startups

Google Europe Accelerator
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Google for Startups is looking for startups in the HealthTech and Wellbeing sectors from Europe to participate in the summer edition of its Accelerator. The tech giant is interested in projects that aim to use technology to solve the biggest health and wellbeing challenges of today. Applications are open until August 23rd. On the 22nd of September, the final cohort will be selected and the three-month program will kick off on the 5th of October.  

“We are looking for startups that are post-seed or series A-stage, with at least 15 people in the team, based in Europe. In general, we are looking for any HealthTech solutions. When it comes to well-being, that would be anything around improving people’s health and state of mind and preventing them from burning out,” Magdalena Przelaskowska, Senior Startup Partner Manager, EMEA at Google says. 

COVID-19 pandemic has put a lot of pressure on the global healthcare system. In Europe, many startup founders have tapped into the telemedicine niche and created digital solutions for various well-being issues. a. A study shows that there will be a sevenfold growth in telehealth by 2025, but more solutions are expected. 

Google for Startups Accelerator will provide founders with a variety of remote training, workshops, and discussions for growth. The aim is to aid founders and developers with their technical and product challenges and promote innovation. 

Google shared that over the past two years, 27 startups graduated from their program in Europe. The average monthly revenue of startups from one of the previous classes increased by 74% and one startup increased its monthly active users by 200 times compared to pre-acceleration.

In this edition, participants will get access to successful business strategies, customer acquisition, AI methodology, leadership best practices, and tailored mentorship from professionals across the globe. Amongst Google’s key speakers and mentors, are Adam Cheyer, co-founder of Siri and Viv labs, Sharlene Lopez, CEO and co-founder of Eye Catcher, Piotr Orzechowski, CEO of Infermedica, and James Park, co-founder of Fitbit.

You can apply here.

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Elena is an Innovation Reporter at The Recursive with 10+ years of experience as a freelance writer based in Bucharest, Romania. Her mission is to report internationally on the amazing progress of the local startup ecosystems while bringing into focus exponential projects developed in niches like health and education or by female entrepreneurs.