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How Does Godel Technologies Manage to Deliver Successful Software Projects for UK’s Top Companies?

Speakers at the Godel Sofia meetup
Image credit: Canva, Godel Technologies
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Godel Technologies is an international software development company with HQs in Manchester, UK. Founded in 2002, the company has spread throughout Europe and further, and has dev centers in Poland, Lithuania, Georgia, UAE, and now Bulgaria. The Godel team, enumerating over 1800 people worldwide, provides expertise to small-to-big UK businesses, among which are well-known brands such as,, SHELL Energy, and Experian. On October 6th, the company will organize its first offline gathering in Sofia to share how the company manages to deliver successful software projects for its clients, and how they manage to build great teams of developers all over the world.

Godel was proud to announce its first BG location in Sofia at the start of 2021. The official office opening happened a year later, providing further growth to the local office. And now the team claims they are ready to get to know the local tech community better – Godel is holding its first offline meet-up in Sofia. “We are really hoping this meetup will help us introduce ourselves to the Bulgarian tech market in the best possible way, nothing is like some quality facetime in the days of online meetings”, highlights Konstantin Chorbadziyski, Head of Operations Godel Bulgaria.

Company Values and Career Development

At the meet-up, there will be an opportunity to know the company processes, its people, and its culture. The event will be delivered in both languages, English and Bulgarian, since one of the speakers, Senior .NET Software Engineer Vladimir Dimitrov, will share his own story at Godel and why he chose a brand-new company on the BG market among other proposals back then.

“Godel always tries to find the best fit possible between the client’s requirements and the developer’s dreams. Considering my work on the project, I’m glad my views are not ignored, but well treated by the company, that’s what I probably value here the most. I want to explain what the words “people” and “partnership” now mean for me”, Vladimir shares.

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The ways how the company finds perfect-match projects for its developers and how exactly having something called “Godel Functions” helps Godel grow will be overviewed by the .NET Division Manager in Bulgaria Vitali Pukhalski, who is also the Head of Innovations Function at the company. In his “Godel’s Ways of Working” talk, Vitali will unveil what makes Godel’s company structure stand out and how developers can take advantage of extra specialties like DevOps. He is also going to share if a developer can say “NO” to a client and why being on the “bench” is not always a bad thing.

For the tech dessert, the team has prepared a case study of a digital transformation of a financial project and the challenges the company faced as part of it. Lead .NET Software Engineer Raman But-Husaim in his “Taming the FinTech Beast” talk, will immerse everyone in the world of fintech and will explain how a single monolithic “beast” turned into a highly distributed cloud-native portfolio of systems with over 80 microservices and micro-frontends under the hood.

Godel Technologies is waiting for everyone interested at the very first Godel Sofia Intro Offline Meet-Up on October 6 in Sofia Tech Park at 4:00 pm.

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