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Forte Partners presents its entire office portfolio in digital format through the Bright Spaces platform

Forte Partners presents its entire office portfolio in digital format through the Bright Spaces platform,

For the first time, the presentation focuses on sustainability features specific to all the projects of real estate developer Forte Partners

Forte Partners is the first real estate developer in Romania to present all its office buildings in a digital format, through the Bright Spaces platform, with an extended focus on sustainability elements, in line with the innovation and digitalization strategy that built its Early Adopter reputation of new technologies in the industry.

Based on the partnership with Romanian start-up proptech Bright Spaces, the three smart buildings Tandem (link, 20,981 sqm available for rent), Millo Offices (link, 9,612 sqm for rent) and U • Center 1 (link, 32,828 sqm for rent) are, starting as of today, accessible through individual leasing and digital presentation platforms.

A special feature is the detailed and integrated presentation of all the elements certifying the smart buildings status of Forte Partners’ projects, a developer constantly focused on the health and environmental protection component.

The health and environmentally-conscious development principle defines our entire activity and is the basis of our social involvement,Geo Mărgescu, CEO and Co-founder of Forte Partners, underlines. “Our buildings are sustainable projects that transform the city and have a positive impact on the community and the people who use them. We are pleased to be the first developer to define the sustainability standard for the projects presented through the Bright Spaces platform and we thank our partners for their substantial effort to list all the elements and facilities we provide through our smart buildings.

Bogdan Nicoară, CEO & Co-founder of Bright Spaces, adds: “The collaboration with Forte Partners is an important step in our local development. Our partner is an active player who is preparing for a digital future and, above all, a future in which sustainability takes precedence. We share a focus on innovation and positive impact, and we thank them for their trust in using the Bright Spaces solution.

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Through the digital platform, potential customers and prospective tenants can visit the available offices in a virtual 3D interface, which allows them to configure and design spaces according to the needs and the structure of their own team. At the same time, the platform provides them with all the technical and administrative information, location, and nearby points of interest (restaurants, cafes, access roads, public transport), as well as commercial information through personalized offers based on the needs expressed and available spaces.

Our partnership with the Bright Spaces platform is another pillar in our strategy for optimizing services, both at an operational and financial level, through technology,” continues Geo Mărgescu. “As a result, we added further transparency in communication with our partners and clients, who thus access all the information they need to make informed and reasoned decisions. Moreover, in the debate about sustainability and green buildings, no brochure nor data sheet can match the impact of a virtual tour. By virtually walking through our buildings, from wherever they might be, visitors see and feel our genuine concern in this respect, as well as our concrete result.

All Forte Partners office projects have certifications validating the developer’s concern for a green future. Thus, Millo Offices received the BREEAM Outstanding certification, following the evaluation of ten criteria: Management, Health, Energy, Transport, Water Consumption, Used Materials, Waste, Land Use, and Ecology, Pollution and Innovation. In turn, The Bridge 1 and 2 buildings received the LEED Platinum certification, and the U • Center 1 project received the WELL Health and Safety, and LEED Platinum certifications.

On the Bright Spaces platform, potential tenants can review both the specific buildings certifications and the services ensuring a positive environmental impact, such as:

  • bicycle parking
  • solar panels installed on the roof for water heating
  • VRV technology that saves up to 25% of electricity consumption
  • charging stations for electric cars
  • fresh air and natural light
  • use of ventilation through windows
  • the interactive building management system
  • the use of sustainable, recycled materials with low VOC emissions
  • biophilic design
  • smart interfaces for meeting rooms
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In a digital and interactive way, the 3 platforms present:

  • real-time availability of office space, in 3D, with the help of virtual reality
  • safety measures taken by Forte Partners to ensure tenants safety
  • ultra-central locations and surrounding areas with the most important points of interest
  • the award-winning exterior design of buildings and the main features making them a perfect fit in the area where they are located, providing tenants with health and wellbeing benefits
  • the main technical features
  • pre-leasing or live tour booking options for specific areas of interest
  • presentation photos and videos

In addition, the platforms also integrate information about the dedicated Forte Partners application, which can be used on any smartphone and allows tenants to provide access to visitors and book parking spaces or conference rooms.

Forte Partners thus inaugurates its second partnership with a Romanian start-up that develops innovative solutions for the real estate industry.

In April, Forte Partners announced a partnership with the Cluj-based company Parking Spotter, launching SpotUS.Space – the first digital solution for efficiently and sustainably managing the office building resources, as more and more companies decide to implement the hybrid work model in the long-term.

We trust and promote the talent and ingenuity of young Romanian entrepreneurs who develop efficient solutions adapted to the needs of the real estate market, solutions that can be successfully scaled at a global level,” concludes Geo Mărgescu.

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