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The pandemic changed the fitness industry forever, says Hyperhuman founder Bogdan Predusca

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“We envision the health and fitness video content becoming highly personalized, diverse, and authentic.”

This is how Bogdan Predusca, CEO and co-founder of Hyperhuman – a Romanian omnichannel video content production platform for the health and fitness industry, envisions the future of video content production in these sectors. Due to the radical shift in consumer behavior after the pandemic and the massive demand for consistent quality video content, the health and wellness industry is going through its digital transformation.  The wellness market is predicted to grow at a 9.9% CAGR and reach $7 trillion by 2025.

The Recursive reached out to Bogdan Predusca to learn how AI technology is impacting the health and fitness industry through the lens of Hyperhuman’s story.

Hyperhuman’s business model and the shift in consumer behavior

According to Bogdan, Hyperhuman’s mission is to make the world’s health and fitness video content production universally accessible and reusable. He wants to ensure that health and fitness businesses create and publish-on-demand video content on any channel or format in a fast and affordable way. 

The post-pandemic growth of pre-recorded, on-demand video by 311% and the explosion of the creator economy to over $100B has urged fitness club owners to start offering on-demand online services in 2021 in order to stay relevant in this competitive environment, explains the Hyperhuman founder.

“The major shift to online fitness has occurred within the $828 billion physical activity industry due to the pandemic. Thus, the global online fitness market is expected to reach $59 billion by 2027, growing 5x from $10.71 billion in 2021,” Bogdan highlights.

In order to extract reusable video blocks from plain old fitness videos, Hyperhuman delivers a dedicated content creation tool, a content moderation platform, and a proprietary video AI engine behind the scenes. This way, without any technical or video editing abilities, professionals and businesses can create video content in minutes. For enterprises and independent professionals, their SaaS model with monthly subscriptions enables an endless amount of content creation, prioritized AI video processing, and access to the entire content creation and distribution ecosystem intended specifically for the health and fitness market.

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Hyperhuman’s fundraising plan for 2022 and expansion to other countries

“This year is all about expanding the business and boosting the commercial activities. We prepare to enter a few more high-profile markets in Q3 or Q4 2022. Our product is already trusted by thousands of health and fitness professionals on 3 continents, predominantly from North America, UK, and Australia. These users created hundreds of hours of quality video workouts, a 10x multiplication factor from the raw video that they uploaded on the platform,” Bogdan explains.

After Huperhuman closed their first pre-seed round of €500K in December 2020 and launched the early version of their platform back in August 2021, they announced the closing of a new investment round at the end of March. With the new round, they aimed to accelerate their expansion and increase the product offering to better serve clients.

Sparking Capital led the €600K late-seed round at a €6.2M pre-money valuation. Early Game Ventures and Seedblink investors also joined in. Sparking Capital and Early Game Ventures, two CEE tech funds, contributed with a total of €400K to this round. Both funds have already invested in Hyperhuman’s €500K pre-seed round back in December 2020.

The future of the health and fitness industry

“The future of the industry is hybrid, digital and in-person, because the pandemic changed consumer behavior forever,” Bogdan commented on his expectations for the future of the industry.

Hyperhuman’s technology will soon be able to perform posture analysis and real-time video customization depending on user feedback and biometrics. Bogdan points out that the time has come for Video Content 2.0, powered by their video AI and the Hyperhuman Content API.

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