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Europe Cloud to Present the Bulgarian Cloud Industry at Google Cloud Next ‘24

Aleksandar Aleksiev, Technical Team Lead at Europe Cloud
Image credit: Aleksandar Aleksiev, Technical Team Lead at Europe Cloud
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Europe Cloud is set to present at Google Cloud Next 2024, the premier cloud technology event of the year, taking place in Las Vegas from April 9 to April 11. As the Google Cloud Partner of the Year for 2023 for Expansion in EMEA, Europe Cloud’s participation highlights the Bulgarian cloud sector’s growing influence on the global stage.

At the core of Europe Cloud’s presence at the conference will be a presentation by Aleksandar Aleksiev, Technical Team Lead at the company, titled “Simplifying Cloud Migration: From Anywhere to Google Cloud.” 

This session would provide an in-depth look at cloud migration, sharing Europe Cloud’s methodical approach to assessment, planning, migration, and optimization. Drawing from their vast experience in assisting thousands of companies with cloud transitions, Aleksiev will explore various strategies for cloud migration — whether to move, change, or replace existing systems — to ensure a smooth and beneficial cloud journey.

The announcement of Europe Cloud’s participation at Google Cloud Next 2024 comes at a transformational time when the integration of GenAI into daily business operations and customer interactions is capturing widespread attention. With an audience of tens of thousands from across the globe, the event promises a comprehensive three-day agenda filled with lectures, technology sessions, and innovative product announcements.

This year’s conference boasts an impressive lineup of speakers, including Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud; Adaire Fox-Martin, President of Google Cloud Go-to-Market; Kristina Behr, VP of Product Management, Google Workspace Collaboration; Brad Calder, Vice President and GM of Google Cloud; and Richard Seroter, Chief Evangelist of Google Cloud. 

Adding a unique touch to the event, Grammy-award winners Kings of Leon, Anderson Paak and DJ Pee Wee will perform, blending tech insight with entertainment.

Europe Cloud‘s participation marks a significant step for the company and its relationship with Google Cloud. The Sofia-based firm was recently spotlighted for its work with Global Infra Tech, a project featured on Google’s website, showcasing its expertise in cloud architecture and infrastructure management. Europe Cloud played a crucial role in the project, managing the Google Cloud migration, ensuring smooth cloud integrations, and maintaining security, scalability, and cost efficiency.

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The project’s outcomes include a significant 30% reduction in costs and the management of over 100,000 gigabytes per month of Balanced PD Capacity, demonstrating robust data handling capabilities. 

Europe Cloud’s achievements and its upcoming presentation at Google Cloud Next 2024 not only underscore the Bulgarian cloud industry’s potential but also its readiness to contribute significantly to the global cloud technology landscape.


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Europe Cloud, a Google Cloud Partner of the Year for 2023, helps businesses get the most out of their cloud infrastracture.